Travel nurse housing: what you ought to know, plus q&a

assignment in New york city, the main problem was that the assignments compensated about 50 % of the items the initial one did.  I was searching for housing with different much greater level of salary. When we would have a lower level of salary, with the same high rent, we couldn’t have afforded it. Frightening!  That one scenario caused us to slow lower on finding our very own housing as frequently. We still will sometimes, but we’re much more careful and can likely try to find a landlord that will permit us an in situation to be cancelled. Although not to scare you, you may still find lots of advantages to using the stipend and finding your personal housing.

Advantages of Stipend Pay and Finding Your Personal Housing:

  • You’ve charge of where you reside. The most popular houses and finest recollections originate from finding our very own housing. To all of us, travel nursing is about immersing ourselves into new metropolitan areas. We resided beach front in Hermosa Beach, CA within the Gaslamp District in Downtown North Park, CA inside a converted Chocolate Factory Loft close to the Riverwalk in Dallas, Texas as well as on a Course in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ. Believe me, your agency housing should never be that awesome! I have come across the periodic awesome agency placed travel nurse housing, but generally you will maintain a little dated, standard apartment community. Not always a poor factor, however if you simply think it is by yourself your choices are unlimited!
  • You’ve charge of how you need to live. For example, getting a washer & dryer in unit is very vital that you us. Most agencies don’t bring that in their housing package (sometimes the housing they help you find does include it, but frequently occasions it doesn’t and also you either need to pay extra for this or use laundromats). Another example is the fact that we decide to get two bed room apartments because we tend to obtain a large amount of company (so we possess a baby). A company is generally likely to generate a 1 bed room or perhaps studio in some instances. If you would like bigger you spend extra (a lot extra).
  • You are able to make money from the housing stipends. Some nurses find somewhere cheap to reside and bank the remainder of their housing money. I understand some travelers that take all their own furniture or buy used stuff once they make it happen in order to save a great slice of money this way. Or when i pointed out above you are able to travel within an RV and bank an enormous part of your stipend. Several options!When you are traveling with another travel nurse this method is good. Certainly one of you are able to go ahead and take housing and yet another go ahead and take stipend and split it or both go ahead and take stipend and discover a home and bank the surplus. Because of this, I so wish I had been a nurse too! Husband/wife travel nursing teams could make good quality money!!!
  • You’ve extra time to obtain moved in.  When taking agency housing, you’re typically allotted 2 days to maneuver in before your start date and 2 days following a last day’s your contract. That’s honestly usually enough, however the versatility with finding your personal and getting more time is nice. We enjoy having a couple of days before his start date to look into the new city, get settled, discover the hospital, go food shopping, etc. In the finish of the assignment we’re usually high tailing it to really make it to the next assignment  on time, or heading home for any bit. The versatility of setting your personal relocateOrout dates is great. As you can tell, you will find benefits and drawbacks to every housing scenario. Neither strategy is the proper way. It entirely depends upon your requirements and travel nursing style. Like I stated, we have a tendency to mix things up according to each assignment. Below I’ve clarified a couple of specific questions I’ve become regarding travel nurse housing.

Housing Q&A

Q: Will the agency purchase 100% of my housing?

A: This will depend. For agency provided housing out on another request any upgrades, then yes. For the stipend and may find something within that budget the reply is also yes. However if you simply want upgrades like two bedrooms, vacuum pressure, a washer/dryer in unit, etc., you’ll have to pay extra. Likewise, should you can’t find what you would like for that stipend amount, you might want to pay just a little up front.

Q: Will the company purchase gas, electric, water, cable, etc?

A:Most purchase utilities (gas, electric, water) up to and including certain limit (we have not had a problem groing through this limit). Cable and internet are often your personal expense, even though some companies do purchase that a lot.

Q: How do you setup cable/internet?

A:Once our agency finds our housing (or we’ve arranged for the own housing), I contact the home manager or landlord and get who the providers on the bottom are. I Then get online or on the telephone and compare cost packages and then try to set something up for the relocate day. You normally need to be gift for this to become setup. Just bear in mind that whatever you decide doesn’t need a lengthy term contract. It frequently calculates great because cable companies generally offer some kind of freebee for that first 3 several weeks like a promotion. As you are only remaining for several several weeks generally, you receive a premium service in a base level cost!

Q: Will my housing be furnished (kitchen supplies, TV, bedding, etc.)?

A:For many agencies, “furnished” means that they’ll provide: a queen-size bed, 1 night stand, 1 dresser, along with a lamp for that bed room a little dining table with 4 chairs for that dining area a couch, a seat, an finish table, an espresso table, a lamp, along with a TV are a symbol of the family room. Extras for example dishes, linens, TV, bedding, vacuum, etc. frequently cost extra. A washer/dryer as well as microwave aren’t always considered standard constantly. You are able to however negotiate a few of these products in. We tend for traveling many of these “extra” products. Other travelers I understand purchase them cheap every time so that they tight on to maneuver with.

Q: Basically go ahead and take stipend, what’s the easiest method to find my very own housing?

A:Choices are endless. You should use conventional methods for house hunting (,, etc.). Or use holiday rental websites like I typically do (,, etc.). You will find temporary housing sites (,, etc.). As well as non-traditional housing options like or perhaps a monthly rental on the houseboat (easiest to Google by city for results). You could consider extended stay hotels (Candlewood, Extended Stay America, Residence Inn, etc.). Or employ a realtor in the event that enables you to much more comfortable. Not to mention there’s always and (use carefully as there’s no guarantees when confronted with individuals). Heck, if you’re lucky you may know somebody who would rent an area for you, or even better family that enables you to stay free of charge. Just bear in mind that safety ought to be the first concern. Even when couch surfing seems like an excellent money-saver, don’t get it done if it is a danger for your safety.

Q: When the agency arranges my housing, have i got a say in where I stay? Can they produce options?

A:Most agencies provides you with 2-3 options should you ask and should they have several available. Everyone will provide you with the spiel though that you could place in your request however it isn’t guaranteed. To tell the truth, most agencies aren’t typically excessively accommodating with regards to housing. If housing is essential for you you should understand what your deal breakers are and become very upfront together with your recruiter about this in the get-go. Even at this, you may finish up disappointed every so often. Housing appears to become our greatest conflict area when booking a project.

Q: Basically make my very own housing plans, i.e. stick with family or buddies, will i get a housing stipend? If that’s the case, how’s amount determined?

A:Yes. The quantity is decided in line with the city, anything, and just how that specific agency breaks lower its pay package.

Q: Will I’ve got a roommate?

A:Usually, no. Even though some temporary assignments like strikes do need you to room with somebody or take less pay to obtain a private room. You need to know this even before you apply though.

Q: What agencies would be best so far as housing stipends/organizing housing?

A:We’ve only labored with a number of agencies and so i do not have an excellent answer with this one. You have a tendency to hear both horror tales and unbelievably amazing tales about a lot of companies. One company, for example, placed our buddies inside a beachfront 3 bed room house on the course in Hawaii. That very same company placed a buddy of my mom’s inside a small, inadequate, dingy basement apartment of among the hospital employees with very little furniture. And your own knowledge about this same company continues to be a wide range from the excellent upgraded apartment, to average dated standard (typical), to some little disappointing. You have to stipends – although I’ve found more occasions these days you’re always wishing the stipend was more. It’s this type of moving target. From your experience though, Randstad’s housing department was the best/easiest to utilize. We simply labored one hire them for some other reasons and so i have only that certain situation to base it on, but housing alone that certain time these were great to utilize with what would be a difficult housing industry (village).

Q: Can One bring a dog?

A:Yes. It’s something you will have to consult with your recruiter though as they’re going to have to locate pet friendly housing and you will have to pay for a dog deposit.

Q: Let’s say I recieve to my assignment and dislike my housing?

A:Regrettably, this may happen. You need to immediately speak to your recruiter and inform them why it’s inadequate and often they’ll repair the problem if it’s truly unacceptable. I understand a woman that soon after days recognized her housing was right on the doorstep to some methadone clinic. She obviously freaked out and contacted her agency. They was clueless that and were very apologetic and rapidly got her (and yet another travelers) gone to live in a significantly better neighborhood and circumstances. Around the switch side, when you get there which is just more run lower than you’d prefer they might not do anything whatsoever and that’s why I can’t stress enough to complete your research before leaving to have an assignment. I’m not keen on housing surprises!

Q: Will my housing be considered a rental house, apartment, facility-owned housing, or what?

A: It could be any of these, or perhaps a hotel. Generally, we’ve taken assignments in large metropolitan areas. Therefore we’ve been housed in apartment communities. However in smaller sized towns especially, where choices are a lot more limited, it may be anything.

Q: What must i do if something breaks or malfunctions within my apartment, or wherever I’m living?

A:Speak to your recruiter or another person at the agency immediately. Once the sewage supported in the home the agency rented us. (Yes, it had been as disgusting because it sounds! Fortunately I’ve owned a couple of homes within my past and understood that which was happening as well as understood it had become likely because tree roots had developed into the pipes – therefore it didn’t freak me out bad.) We contacted our recruiter and also the landlord both plus they had somebody out on that day to consider proper care of the issue. The company also provided to put us in expensive hotels overnight whether it wasn’t cleared up at that time, so it was. Usually issues tend to be more minor than this, should there be any whatsoever.

Q: If I don’t such as the housing arranged by my travel nurse company, can one refuse it and discover my very own place? If that’s the case, how’s housing budget determined?

A: I’d say this would need to be handled on the situation-by-situation basis. In case your agency is locked right into a lease they’re not able to get free from they will provide you with a large amount of resistance by trying to out. When the conditions are unacceptable, they ought to right the problem. But if it’s simply because you altered the mind, you may have some issues altering housing options last second like this. Again, for this reason I stress you know ahead of time exactly what the housing situation will probably be. Should you not such as the options your agency transmits over you need to either find your personal housing in the get-go or decline anything. Housing for any travel nurse can frequently function as the most demanding area of the whole deal. Just stay on the top from it and try to be very upfront regarding your housing concerns and expectations together with your recruiter.  They can’t solve problems that they’re not aware of. Do your research within the planning stages (read property reviews, take a look at new city, inquire, etc.) as well as your travel nurse housing ought to be that which you plan so that it is. Should you play your cards right you are able to live in many really awesome houses on your travel nurse career and also have endless tales and recollections of just living just like a local across the nation!  Start your adventure today.

Get started on your Travel Nursing Adventure today.

By Kelli Leach

Traveling Nurse House

Kelli Leach and her husband Skyler happen to be traveling since This summer 2010. Skyler is really a CVICU RN and Kelli writes your blog about their traveling adventures. They’re from Missouri coupled with an infant boy in November 2013 so they are a traveling group of 3! Interact with Kelli on Facebook and Google+


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Hiker Feet: Yes!!! There is no way I'd be planning to take 5-6 months off work next year if it wasn't for travel nursing. I love it! Good luck

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