Stay free of charge in return for work on hostels

I’ve done odd jobs in return for a bed lots of occasions, and resided inside a couple of hostels while working in your area too.

My longest stint is at England, in a place known as Oxford Backpackers. I labored there for around six days on the backpacking trip round the country. Other areas I’ve done lengthy stays include Cambodia, Poultry and (most likely my personal favorite) A holiday in greece.

I additionally spent about six months living in a guesthouse known as your garden Village in Siem Reap, Cambodia, however this was while using a local NGO rather of really in the hostel.

How have you obtain the job?

Pure chance. I came into Oxford that summer time on fumes, financially speaking. England was turning out much more costly than I’d budgeted for, so Oxford appeared like the right place to simply lay low for some time.

The mid-day once i arrived, the hostel’s booking and billing computer crashed, departing them virtually dead within the water. After working four years attending college working at pc repair, it had been a perfect chance! The manager and that i designed a deal. In return for providing them with back on their own ft and doing a bit of other general mending, I acquired accommodations.

What exactly are another ways in which people can land employment in a hostel?

While hostels sometimes publish job listings, my experience continues to be this business operates largely on personal relationships. People open a hostel simply because they love the job (you won’t get wealthy within this business), so that they hire staff they would like to spend time with.

From the practical perspective, personally or person to person continues to be the easiest method to land employment. This generally means turning up and asking around. Sometimes you will find fliers, or someone knows someone who’s searching. Best situation scenario: you remain someplace which has a dent, make buddies using the manager.

The exception is commonly more institutional type places like HI and St. Christopher’s. Individuals tend to utilize a normal candidate selection process to check out lengthy term employees (although not always).

Beyond that — like every other job search — it starts on the internet. You will find sites to publish job listings, and you may search by destination.


Even so, I still recommend getting there before committing. Hostel jobs are like every other high-demand job: it sometimes calculates great but other occasions it may completely fall through. I have seen people appear to obtain the job gone, the significant conditions terrible, etc. One place straightforwardly marketed only for “Attractive Youthful Female Backpackers.” Since positions within this industry are extremely frequently informal, there is not much protection contrary goes completely wrong.

Final note: never, ever leave lacking the necessary money to obtain home. Working in a hostel is a terrific way to extend your time abroad, but don’t have a 6 month trip with three months’ price of money wishing to locate work on the way.

(Nomad Wallet note: this jogs my memory of Olivia, who did exactly that. She left Australia with $2,750 and located work on the way. She also labored in a hostel in Ireland. Read this publish about how exactly she funded her year-lengthy trip this also one concerning the perks of hostel work.)

The kind of work have you do in the hostel?

My situation would be a little unusual. Usually the jobs are standard hospitality-industry stuff: manning reception, altering your bunk beds, doing laundry, that sort of factor. Working in a hostel is some a mix from a hotel along with a bar, since a rowdy crowd has the territory. Actually, bar-tending is generally area of the job. Apart from that, it virtually depends upon exactly what the place needs. I understood a woman who redid a guesthouse’s menu, and that i once labored in a place fixing a wall for any couple of days.

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Is hostel work always delinquent work?

It truly depends. Informal positions — swapping work with a bed — are pretty common, however it varies broadly around. Some hostels (again, frequently the big chains) only hire formal, compensated positions others possess a compensated manager along with a staff employed by someplace to rest along with a beer.

Any visa problems one might encounter when you are performing this?

Every country’s visa laws and regulations will vary, but, usually, you usually technically require a visa to complete any type of compensated work. When the position is formal (involving documents) and/or compensated, never go with no proper visa. When money changes hands, the federal government will get interested and also you open yourself up to and including realm of problems.

Informal positions have been in really a grey area. I can’t say its not necessary a visa, because, based on normal laws and regulations, you need to do. I can say that the handshake agreement to create beds in return for accommodations for any couple of days just will not be an issue. Used, nobody cares whether a tourist compensated for his bunk in cash or labor.



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ExploreList: +Sam Soon hello, yes, you would be responsible for all travel costs including airfare and visas. All the hosts would offer you is a place to sleep, and potentially free food, in return for working for them. Bear in mind that not all countries allow you to travel on a tourist visa when volunteering, so you would have to check that out. I wasn't sure what your final question was, what does 'give stipend' mean?

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ExploreList: +ARTiculations Like you, it is something that I have put off because of the risk. Volunteering made me a little more confidence, as I was literally spending two weeks in a strangers house. It's an odd feeling at first, but you get used to it as the days go on. I shall share my experiences; hoping to do some house sitting too this year.