The 13 best websites for locating a roommate in new york city

If you are already spending lots of your spare time on Reddit, you may as well search for a condo there, too. Under New You are able to Apartments, you’ll find discussion forums (on topics like: "Apartment hunting advice for first-time New Yorkers?") in addition to listings for rent-holders who need roommates within their apartments and roommates who require apartments. Note: Users aren’t verified like on a few of these other sites, so proceed with caution—Craigslist-level caution. >>

5. Rainbow Roommates

Targeted at the LGBT community, this site claims so that you can find most clients a brand new home in just two days. Listing your apartment opening is free of charge, but membership for use of stated listing isn’t. 

Spend $40 for any 15-day account if you are eager to resolve your roommate situation immediately. For those who have more time, it’s $75 for any 30-day subscription. And if you discover a roommate with the site but understand it simply isn’t intended to be within two several weeks of signing a roommate agreement, Rainbow Roommates grants you 30 days and services information at no cost.>>

6. Listings Project

The Listings Project is not exactly an internet site but a weekly email newsletter (if you enroll in the web site). Here, you will find apartments for rental in addition to shares and sublets, and may also convey a listing explaining the thing you need. Brokers aren’t permitted to publish out there, and it is $30 to write an inventory, therefore the odds that that which you read is what you’ll get are vastly greater than, say, on Craigslist. Listings have a tendency to range from "creative community," so expect lots of Brooklyn roommates. >>

7. PadMapper

Produced following a bad New york city apartment search experience (scams incorporated), Padmapper collects apartment listing search engine results from the slew of sources (ForRent, Airbnb, Apartment Search, and most 100 others, including brokerages), and plots the locations of accessible listings with an interactive map. Then, it will help you chop lower individuals places you may be thinking about having a very thorough group of filters (cost, commute time, max cost per bed room, etc.). Search by "rooms" to locate a share you may also key in keywords for example “vegetarian” to locate like-minded roommates.

You will find millions of users on the website every month, and based on the organization, the majority are searching for roommates who curently have apartments.  >>

8. BangItOut

This website includes a very specific niche—Jewish New Yorkers who have a Kosher kitchen. It’s liberated to have available rooms indexed by its list of “Apartments That Bang,” and liberated to browse, too. The majority of its listings take presctiption top of the West Side—a mecca of sorts for youthful, Modern Orthodox Jews—but there’s also openings in Washington Heights and the Upper East Side. >>

9. Roomster

Touting itself because the “world’s largest social networking for roommates, rooms, apartments, flats, rentals, and sublets”—the website is available these days in 192 countries—Roomster has people create profiles, then helps complement potential roomies by allowing folks to filter by things like age or interest. The website’s Social Connect feature lets (verified) users contact one another directly via telephone, email, or social networks like Facebook. Viewing ads, posting an account, as well as delivering messages is free of charge, however, you can’t react to messages inside your inbox or connect to the Social Connect feature unless of course you upgrade. It’s $5.95 for 3 days, $14.95 for 15 days, and $29.95 for any month.

Additionally, the forces that be remove all listings every thirty days so that they not have old or stale listings. >>

10. RoomieMatch 

Actual humans supposedly screen every single profile in RoomieMatch’s system to get rid of “slimeball rip-off artists.” Profiles aren’t really published towards the site—matches are emailed straight to users based on responses to some very detailed listing of questions covering from dishwashing habits to recycling practices to tolerance of 1-desks.

Developing a profile is free of charge, but if you wish to contact matches yourself, you’ll need to pony up $19.95 for that year. It rarely will require annually to locate a roommate, however that year-lengthy membership is useful in case your to begin with does not exercise or perhaps is a brief-term sublet.  >>

11. Roomi


How to Find a Roommate in New York City


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honeyboo44: you find a roommate cause I'm also looking for one