Convent hotels and lodging in monasteries in europe for travelers, tourist, and pilgrims alike

It’s not necessary to take vows of chastity and poverty or put on individuals itchy woolen robes to shack in a eu convent for less than $30. You do not even need to be particularly religious.

There are religious guesthouses scattered all over Europe, including the one attached to the Centro Culturale Don Orione Artigianelli in Venice (+39-041-522-4077, will find religious guesthouses scattered throughout Europe, such as the one connected to the Centro Culturale Don Orione Artigianelli in Venice (+39-041-522-4077, However, it’s proof that religious accommodations aren’t always the least expensive: that one charges €115 for any double room (still pretty good, by Venice standards).

This site covers:

• What convent guest room are just like

• What convents cost

• How to locate convents

• Convent rules

• Why remain in a convent

• How to locate convents

– Books on convents in Europe

– Books on convents in- the united states

– WebsitesYou will find really two kinds of hospitality at religious institutions.

The greater prevalent would be the convents, a few of which run guest houses, setup and administered something similar to a bare-bones hotel.

(Another type is really a monastery: frequently cheaper truly in rural—not city—settings and covered entirely here.)

Not just is really a convent stay among the ultimate budget lodging options, it is also an excellent cultural experience—and an opportunity to grab yourself from your own mind for a couple of days, regardless of what your religious affiliation or beliefs.

Exactly what is a convent guest room like?

Expect small rooms, battered functional furnishings, along with a décor that, at its most lavish, includes both a small print from the Virgin along with a crucifix nailed towards the wall above sleep. Amenities is going to be similarly spare: a TV or telephone inside your room is going to be rare—though private bathrooms are surprisingly common, though not guaranteed.

Regarding the sleeping plans, the Brady Bunch bed room revolution has not hit convents. Just like a 50s sitcom, your bunk beds are narrow twins having a healthy, holy quantity of space together. Double beds are just from time to time a choice, as well as then just for married people (actually, many convents won’t allow an unmarried couple to talk about an area).

Just how much does cost in which to stay a convent?

The famed Bascilia of Sacre-Coeur affords you the chance to stay in the heart of the storied Montmartre district of Paris for the pittance of around $15 a night, staying in the famed basilica' src=Anywhere from Don Orione, the Foresteria Valdese in Venice is really a fantastic cheap religious hostelry operated by the Waldesians. It’s both private rooms and shared dorms (the Publish-It around the door there’s telling you the number of bunks remain within the boys and women dorms, correspondingly), and also the kicker is that lots of options are covered in 1700s frescoes and overlook a canal, and also the prices start just $25 an individual. There’s a lot more about this outstanding hostelry on

For that faithful, a convent stay holds many rewards, most famously being getting an opportunity to commune together with your spiritual brothers and sisters using their company lands. Also, they are cheap.

However, here I am going to speak with my fellow non-believers available as it were. It’s not necessary to have belief to locate a convent stay fascinating.

Besides the (generally) affordable prices, convents present an interesting cultural experience—particularly in Europe, where they have been area of the fabled fabric of local neighborhoods because the Dark Ages.

In the end, spent your main amount of time in Europe admiring frescoes in historic places of worship, and works of art in museums, full of nuns and priests scurrying about, observing their daily devotions, witnessing major historic occasions, or just kneeling in adoration from the central saint. These pieces of art really are a window right into a tradition that’s continued to be largely unchanged for hundreds of years. Remaining in a convent is much like walking using that window and in to the fresco for a couple of days. Pretty awesome, huh?

Even though you aren’t jazzed through the anthropological experience with everything, you could use this is because a reason to consider a couple of days to empty the mind and cleanse your soul. Wander the gardens. Sniff the flowers.

If asked, eat within the refectory using the residents (picture filling, simple, family-style meals offered by smiling lay siblings Full story ).

Contemplate the nation you have been visiting, your existence, God, that itchy rash that developed because you stopped washing your clothes every evening, whatever.

Sources for locating convents

How can you find convents that provide lodging? Tricky. Ask local tourism offices. Do plenty of Googling. Begin using these books an internet-based sources:

Guidebooks to non secular accommodations

Convents in Europe
  • Europe’s Monastery and Convent Guesthouses: A Pilgrim’s Travel Guide by Kevin J. Wright (purchase it)
  • Night and God Bless: Helpful tips for Convent and Monastery Accommodation in Europe, Volume I (Italia, Austria, Czech Republic) by Trish Clark (purchase it)
  • Night and God Bless: Helpful tips for Convent and Monastery Accommodation in Europe, Volume II (France, U.K., Ireland) by Trish Clark (purchase it)
  • Night and God Bless: Helpful tips for Convent and Monastery Accommodation in Europe, Volume III (The country, Germany, Eastern Europe) by Trish Clark
  • Bed and Benefits Italiaby Anne and June Walsh (purchase it)
  • Lodging in Italy’s Monasteries by Eileen Barish (purchase it)
  • Lodging in Spain’s Monasteries by Eileen Barish (purchase it)
  • Lodging in France’s Monasteries by Eileen Barish (purchase it)
  • Lodging in Britain’s Monasteries by Eileen Barish (purchase it)
Monasteries and convents within the U . s . States
  • Monastery Guest Houses of The United States: A Visitor’s Guide by Robert J. Regalbuto (purchase it)
  • Sanctuaries, The Entire U . s . States: Helpful tips for Accommodations in Monasteries, Abbeys, and Retreats by Jack Kelly and Marcia Kelly (purchase it)

Online convent sources

There’s also several good online sources:

  • Night and God Bless ( – Trisha Clark, author from the trio of guidebooks described above, also runs an internet site with links to countless monasteries and convents that consume guests—mostly in Europe, but additionally in Africa, Thailand, and also the USA.
  • ( – This Italian website is fairly complete, but confusing, using more than 3,000 listings in Italia. The “British” version only provides you with field names in British the drop-lower menus continue to be all in Italian. Here’s what you ought to know: Under “kind” try all of: “casa di accoglienza,” “foresteria,” “casa per ferie,” and “casa vacanze.”
  • Several major monastic and conventual orders list retreat programs and guesthouses online, such as the Benedictines ( and Dominicans (
  • Church of Santa Susanna ( – Rome’s American parish church holds a location within my heart, because it offered as my public library after i was a teenager residing in the Eternal City. Additionally, it runs an incredibly helpful Website which includes a page on convent accommodations across Italia, using the going rates and phone info for institutions in Rome, Assisi, and Venice. Again, not free ones, but mostly dirt-cheap ones.
  • ( – This can be a booking site that reserves rooms at 320 qualities (monasteries, convents, along with other religious guesthouses) throughout Italia. It can benefit you avoid any language barriers and periodic deposit needs (which frequently should be made with an Italian bank), as well as their criteria ensure you’ll have a private bathroom, nonetheless they do charge a modest fee. (The amount of a charge? I can not let you know. I have requested several occasions plus they won’t reveal it.)
  • Zefiro World ( – Includes a line on around 60 monasteries and abbeys changed into hotels across Italia. Regrettably, many of these are upscale hotel operations, expensive dorms for pilgrims.
  • Paris’ famous Basilica of Sacre-Coeur ( provides you with the opportunity to stay in the middle of the storied Montemarte district for that pittance close to $15 an evening, lodging within the basilica’s Ephrem Guesthouse. Drawback: curfew is 9pm.

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