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Salary & Incentives

Just how much must i pay my domestic worker?

The Hong Kong Government determines the minimum allowable wage for any Foreign Domestic Worker along with a salary with a minimum of that quantity should be decided within the contract. However, as feeling appreciated inside a work atmosphere is favorable to greater productivity, many employers decide to enhance the monthly wage in compliance to the caliber of service provided. It’s quite common that wages begin at least needed amount for that first couple of several weeks and provide the staff member small raises or bonuses to exhibit appreciation for quality work.

When must i pay my domestic worker’s wages?

The wage ought to be compensated once each month, not after seven days following the finish from the wage period. For example, in case your FDW began focusing on the first of September, the date of first payment shouldn’t be after the eighth of October. If you want to alter the wage payment date, you need to give sufficient notice for your FDW.

How must i pay my FDW’s wage? Must i provide any sort of documents?

Having to pay wages for your FDWs account via cheque or auto payment (direct debit/standing order) is suggested, however, funds are frequently the simplest ask your FDW for his or her preference. The Hong Kong Government necessitates the employer to keep an eye on wage payments in addition to provide receipts of these payments, which needs to be signed as acknowledgement from your FDW.

I’m needed to supply living accommodation in my FDW. Exist guidelines or needs which i should follow?

Living accommodations for domestic workers vary greatly in Hong Kong. The legal requirement of living quarters would be that the worker will get “suitable accommodation with reasonable privacy”. Some households provide a personal room, however, most are not. The housing agreement, as lengthy because it matches the legal needs, ought to be decided through the employer and worker in line with the requirements of both sides. You should discuss the living arrangement during interviews so each side comprehend the situation in advance.

Could it be easier to provide my household’s domestic worker having a food allowance in order to give them meals in the household’s weekly super market?

Fair employment agency is suggested, however

The choice to either give a food allowance additionally towards the monthly wage for any worker or provide food on their behalf in the household lies between your employer and worker. Presently, the legal minimum food allowance monthly is HK$964. For many employers it’s simpler to supply meals in the home since the worker resides in your home, as well as for some employers the monthly food allowance is really a more dependable solution since it enables the staff member to select their very own foods.

Slow days & Vacations

The number of slow days must i share with my domestic worker each week? Must i give Sunday because the break?

It’s needed to supply each worker a minumum of one break each week. Your day-off is understood to be a continuing duration of 24 hrs. You shouldn’t compel your assistant to do responsibilities on his/her rest days, however, he/she may go under your own accord on his/her rest days. Rest days might be granted on the regular or perhaps an irregular basis, however, when the rest day is with an irregular basis, you need to inform the staff member of his/her rest days before the start of every month. Even though many employers so give Sunday like a rest day, it’s not mandatory.

What holidays should i provide my domestic worker?

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