Qatar criticised for domestic workers’ abuse – al jazeera british

Qatar criticised for domestic workers' abuse - al jazeera british the women

Amnesty Worldwide, the United kingdom-based human-legal rights group, has accused Qatar for neglecting to safeguard migrant domestic workers, saying they’re uncovered to some greater extent of abuse than construction workers and therefore are trapped by employers.

A study printed on Wednesday known as My sleep is my break: Exploitation of migrant domestic workers within the Gulf Arab state features cases of physical and sexual assault.

It stated a few of the women interviewed reported being "slapped, pulled through the hair, poked within the eyes, and kicked lower the steps by their employers" which three stated these were raped.

Another report concentrating on domestic workers within the 2022 World Cup host country was printed to make sure they weren’t a "footnote towards the issues construction workers face", Amnesty investigator James Lynch stated, based on the news agency Connected Press.

Audrey Gaughran, Amnesty International’s Global Issues director, said: "We’ve talked to women who’ve been terribly fooled, then found themselves trapped and subject to abusive employers, banned from departing the home. Some women stated these were threatened with assault once they told their employers they desired to leave."

About 84,000 women domestic workers operate in Qatar, many of them from South and Southeast Asia, Amnesty stated. Some told the campaign group’s researchers they labored "as much as 100 hrs per week without any breakInch.

"Under Qatari law there aren’t any limits on working hrs for domestic workers and there’s no reason to provide them with each day off. They’re also not able to lodge a complaint using the Work Ministry," the report stated.

The chairman from the country’s National Human Rights Committee declined to comment and referred inquiries to government ministries.

Qatar criticised for domestic workers' abuse - al jazeera british Arab state features cases

An announcement in the Secretary of state for Foreign Matters delivered to Amnesty Worldwide searched for to explain there were legal safeguards for domestic workers. 

"The exclusion of the number of workers in the scope from the Labor Law does not mean too little legal protection for his or her legal rights or that there’s no law to safeguard these legal rights,” the statement stated.

Qatari laws and regulations show steps that must definitely be adopted during recruitment, ensure that domestic personnel are not fooled along the way, and provide for the resolution of disputes between workers as well as their sponsors, according to the federal government statement.

It stated a draft law associated with household workers had been studied. No decision continues to be come to implement that legislation yet.

Source: AP


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