Emergency shelter

Casa Vegso is AVDA’s residential program that includes emergency shelter and transitional housing program for victims of domestic abuse as well as their children.

Emergency Shelter

AVDA’s 63-bed emergency shelter is staffed 24 hrs each day, all year round, provides domestic violence victims as well as their children a secure destination for approximately eight days.  A long stay beyond eight days could be arranged for victims who’ve special needs and wish a long period of stay. 

Residents are supplied food, clothing, transportation, fundamental need products, information and referrals to community sources, and continuous safety planning assistance.  During shelter, all residents receive advocacy and comprehensive service management to enable them to in living violence-free lives and having self-sufficiency.  AVDA is part of America Responds with Love, expensive hotels sheltering program that gives safe, private hotel sheltering for victims once the shelter reaches capacity and neighboring domestic violence shelters are not able to support.  During the time of shelter discharge all safety plans are revised to deal with future risk and new surroundings. 

Children in shelter develop individual safety plans which are appropriately tailored for their age and developmental stage.  Children in shelter receive psychosocial assessments, individual and group counseling, when needed.  Advocates use children as well as their caregiver to help the household in practicing nonviolent types of communication and discipline. Children’s organizations are held weekly discussing topics for example healthy relationships, feelings, self-esteem, nonviolent conflict resolution and safety planning. Children’s field journeys along with other creativeness and enrichment activities are supplied. 

Casa Vegso Transitional Housing

AVDA’s 32 bed transitional housing facility supplies a stay of as much as 2 yrs for domestic violence victims as well as their children who would like to enter this transitional program.  Each Transitional Housing apartment offers residents private in addition to shared living area.  The Transitional Housing program assists victims of domestic violence in living a violence free lifestyle when they receive safe housing, supportive services, and existence skills training obtain gainful employment and look for affordable housing.  Transitional Housing enables families to save cash for permanent housing and it is a vital step between emergency shelter and permanent housing, improving a survivor’s possibility of living individually from your abusive partner.


Resourse: http://avdaonline.org/

Emergency Natural Shelter Built With No Tools


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