Transitional housing for victims of domestic abuse – new expect women

Transitional housing for victims of domestic abuse - new expect women Verbal, physical, and emotional abuse

Transitional Housing Application (PDF)

New Expect Women’s transitional housing program is really a 2 year process designed to supply a rut for survivors of domestic violence as well as their children to reside when they work, with the aid of New Expect Women advocates along with other community services, to achieve independent living skills. Applicants for this program ought to be:

  • Destitute or vulnerable to becoming destitute because of domestic violence
  • Transitional housing for victims of domestic abuse - new expect women and get goals for

  • Past the initial crisis phase of the abusive relationship, and never in immediate danger
  • Qualified for low earnings housing assistance
  • In a position to pass a criminal record check, meeting the factors set through the housing authority
  • Abstaining from alcohol and illegal drugs
  • Psychologically prepared, determined, and motivated to get self-sufficient

The next guidelines provides you with a much better concept of what to anticipate in case your application is recognized and you choose to take part in New Expect Women’s transitional housing program.

  • Transitional housing residents are anticipated to keep close connection with New Expect Women advocates, and also to use New Hope’s services regularly. These types of services include organizations, legal advocacy, and individual advocacy. New Expect Women advocates use residents to recognize and get goals for future independence.
  • New Expect Women doesn’t own the housing, and residents is going to be responsible to some landlord for just about any damage. Any issues with appliances or structural issues or concerns ought to be forwarded to the owner or property owner.
  • In each one of the housing units, the yard is distributed to another family. Residents are anticipated to operate together to help keep the yard neat and safe.
  • Residents are anticipated to have their living area clean, safe, as well as in good shape.
  • Safety factors are always a high priority. Residents are anticipated to build up safety plans using their families, and also to safeguard any children within the transitional housing by continuing to keep the residence inside a safe condition.
  • Residents who smoke must do so outdoors.
  • The position of the transitional housing is stored as private as you possibly can. Residents are anticipated to safeguard themselves, their own families, their neighbors, and future transitional housing residents by utilizing discretion when disclosing the address.
  • New Expect Women recommends that every resident generate a publish office box with the address confidentiality program.
  • No transitional housing applicant is going to be put into the county where her abuser resides.
  • The users from whom residents are fleeing aren’t permitted around the property, and cannot learn of the position of the transitional housing. Users who come to the property is going to be considered trespassers and will also be susceptible to arrest. Residents whose users uncover their whereabouts might be requested to depart the housing for his or her safety.
  • Residents who intend to leave the housing in excess of two consecutive nights should inform New Expect Women ahead of time.
  • No overnight visitors are permitted without prior permission from New Expect Women.
  • Verbal, physical, and emotional abuse are behaviors that New Expect Women is trying to eradicate. Residents are anticipated to avoid these behaviors while they’re taking part in the transitional housing program.
  • No weapons or illegal medicine is permitted within the housing anytime.
  • Failure to follow the guidelines from the program in order to adhere to the the lease may lead to eviction.
  • If if you are unhappy using the service you obtain from New Expect Women, you might direct complaints towards the Executive Director, New Expect Women, P.O. Box A, Rockland, ME 04841.


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