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Since 1991, the Adult Homesharing program continues to be matching home seekers looking for affordable housing with home providers who are prepared to give a private bed room at home in return for rent and/or assistance. Home discussing reduces housing expenses, offers companionship, promotes independence, and increases security for the home seeker and residential provider. Home discussing makes efficient utilization of existing housing availability, helps preserve the material from the neighborhood and may lessen the requirement for pricey chore/care services or lengthy-term institutional care.

Though make certain with all of adult applicants, the main focus is around the seniors, disabled, and individuals with really low earnings.

Situation managers interview and screen all applicants for compatibility of lifestyles and personalities, and also the reciprocal requirements of home providers and seekers. Additionally, references are contacted and criminal record checks are carried out.

Potential home sharers negotiate their very own living plans and regular follow-up services and conflict resolutions are supplied.

Whenever we cannot match applicants we try to satisfy housing needs in our other individuals or through a mix of sources and referrals.

Home seekers and providers ought to contact our office to accomplish the applying.

You are able to complete the applications online by selecting the right form below.

Home seekers and providers are encourage to accomplish and sign up by hitting the right application below. All needed documents and fee’s should be introduced to the office within thirty days of submitting the application.

Shared Housing Services

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Shared Housing Services