San antonio could open housing for destitute where it’s alright to use heroin

San antonio could open housing for destitute where it’s alright to use heroin from the

Murray has suggested a dormitory-style destitute shelter modeled after San Francisco’s Navigation Center that will allow pets, partners, storage for private possessions, and intoxicated residents — compared to other shelters — in an effort to coax residents from encampments.

The model is useful, stated Kris Nyrop from the Public Defender Association (PDA), that also supports safe-consumption sites. “But you have to allow individuals to experience-site, so that they don’t within an alley or during the Jungle,” stated Nyrop, an outreach worker and drug-policy investigator in San antonio for 2 decades.

He yet others suggest the answer might be near REI’s San antonio flagship store within an off traffic blue building referred to as “1811.”

They’re speaking about 1811 Eastlake Avenue, which houses 75 chronic alcoholics who are able to drink within their rooms and make use, when they choose, of treatment services on-site. A 2009 study printed through the Journal from the Ama (JAMA) stated it saved taxpayers $4 million annually in housing and crisis services that would’ve been incurred had the inebriates lived around the roads. Additionally, it reduced their alcohol consumption by about one-third. A 2012 study by College of Washington researchers also found decreased consumption by 1811 residents.

San antonio could open housing for destitute where it’s alright to use heroin that an

“1811 is a superb model, the type of innovative solutions we ought to take a look at,Inches Duchin stated.

Patricia Sully from the Heroin Task Pressure concurs. “1811 Eastlake has proven great outcomes, and there’s every need to think that an identical model for those who use drugs would show equally impressive results,” stated Sully, a PDA staff attorney.

Resourse: antonio-news/health/innovative-solution-to-being homeless-housing-where-drug-use-is-ok/

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Shane Woodbury: I always felt that the biggest difference between conservatives and liberals is that conservatives want to punish you for being homeless, or for having addiction problems, or for being to poor to afford access to health care. Where as liberals want to help you with these problems by providing social safety nets and access to affordable health care. Conservatives complain about the cost of social safety nets, but the cost of prison is worse in my opinion. 

Shane Woodbury: +SkylineToTheSeaAndMe , I disagree with you. President Obama inherited the Great Recession and his Stimulus Package averted a Great Depression and helped America to a slow, but economic recovery none the less. Look I've survived a house fire before. And when my house was on fire, I didn't stop the firemen to ask how much water they were using or how much this is going to cost tax payers. Luckily for me the firemen were able to put out the fire and save my home from becoming a total loss. My point is, during the time President Obama took office back in 2009, currency wasn't moving. Banks weren't lending, people weren't spending, and jobs were falling off of a cliff. The government had to act by putting and moving money into the economy. In order to first stabilize the free fall economy and then second to jumpstart it in a productive direction. \n\nAs for President Obama and his Drones program. Again, he didn't start these wars in the Middle East, he inherited them. And I for one rather use Drones over the lives of our soldiers with families back home. Of course I rather have no war at all. But that's not the real world we live in. America has real threats to it and a lot to lose. We can't afford to bury our heads in the ground and just hope the rest of the world leaves us alone. I'm not for Nation-Building, but just like how the FBI took down the massive organized crime scenic with undercover stings and raids, I think maybe something like that over in the Middle East can help reduce extreme Islamic terrorism. But doing nothing isn't an option for me. \n\nAnd Ron Paul is irrelevant, just like Libertarianism itself. \n\n

Cantaloupe 1337: +Shane Woodbury You're like neo in the matrix dodging all the bullets and throwing them back, im amazed by your vast political knowledge A+.

Brave New Films: So far this year, over 21 cities have made it illegal to feed the homeless.  Check out this study by +National Coalition for the Homeless

Michelle D.: "That's what happens when stupid people keep voting Republican":\n\nExactly…

DoubleDS9: This is a great story and example of good policy which helps people's lives. Well done for producing it and getting it out there!

Brave New Films: +DoubleDS9 Thank you!  We hope to make more of this series (if it does well).  Please share!

LYDIA YORK: +Brave New Films Shared to my group OCCUPY HUD.  Thank you for all of your hard work and advocacy.  We appreciate it.

MilitantAntiTheist: I'm sure the pro-life right wing in America, who were brought up with proper Christian morality, would prefer to use the Nazi Germany common sense approach of eliminating homelessness.

David Belcher: Conservatives think all life matters when unborn but once you are alive in the world you don't matter to them at all and just become a nuisance to them!! Hypocrites and fascists!! Better start learning Chinese, idiots, because China WILL eventually take over!!! At this point, America really does deserve to collapse and have someone take its place!!