Housing & meals yellowstone employees

housing and meals

YPSS highly subsidizes housing like a help to our employees. $3.25 each day for housing is handled using a payroll deduction. Utilities for example electric, heat, water and sewer is incorporated within this figure. $11.50 each day provides three daily meals in the worker cafeteria. This is handled like a payroll deduction. Our dorms are within easy reach from the work location. Single college dorms are limitedand discussing an area is really a strong possibility. All housing (including work location) is assigned by YPSS. For many sample images of our dorms, please click the link.

YPSS isn’t responsible for losing personal property associated with a worker. It is recommended that employees not bring any personal products of effective value.

Park Service Rules stop the next in Worker Dormitories:

  • Firearms regardless of the sort

  • Pets of any sort

  • No Smoking. All federal structures inside Yellowstone, including YPSS, are non-smoking legally.

Some Dorm Benefits are:

  • Free laundry facilities

  • Free utilities (electrical, water, etc)

  • Free Wireless Internet HotSpot for workers

Pet Policy

Because of Park Service rules, pets aren’t permitted in YPSS’ housing. Individuals who provide their very own housing and within the federal government housing areas might have pets as permitted by NPS policies.

RV Sites

YPSS comes with a restricted quantity of RV sites. The daily charge of these sites is roughly $10.50 each day plus electricity. Please call us to check up on the supply of RV sites.

Resourse: http://ypss.com/

Yellowstone – Canyon Village EDR Employee Dining Room


kalani4423: The EDR was located in an adjacent building on the second floor when I worked there. Is it now located in the same area as the rec hall?

kallestrand86: @jena2nsu ok, thanks!

blue2nyc: @kallestrand86 Yes. Check out the Xanterra Yellowstone website.

kallestrand86: @brokenplaces41 Briliant! My dream is to spend a winter there in 2 years, when im 19 and have a year off from school, is it hard to get a job there, and how do I apply for a job? Is there any website?