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At Hipmunk, we have breakfast around the mind. Since we created the Free Breakfast Index, which explored what number of the world’s hotels offers free breakfast, we’ve been keen to unearth all there’s to understand about the hotel breakfast scene.

With regards to budget-conscious travel, possibly no words excite hotel visitors around “free continental breakfast.” But while travelers’ eyes may gravitate to those words on the hotel’s booking page, couple of people really know why this popular hotel amenity is known as that to begin with. Here’s the news.

continental breakfast

An Account of 2 kinds of Breakfast

Continental breakfasts are only for simplicity. They’re convenient for travelers who shouldn’t spend your time in a sit-lower meal, and they’re cheap and efficient for that hotel for everyone. These buffet-style meals typically include products for example bagels, toast and condiments, pastries, fruit, juice, cereals, beverages, and perhaps eggs and meat.

If nothing else, the word “continental breakfast” is supposed to conjure associations using the continent of Europe so as to distinguish this kind of breakfast from your British one, which usually includes more (and much more filling) options compared to lighter continental breakfast. However the origin from the term has much deeper historic significance, because it reflects the shifting lifestyles and census of travelers over the past 220 years.

The saying was initially created in the late 19th century when United States hotels began attempting to attract the U . s . States’ recently-minted middle-class in addition to vacationers from Europe. Because the West grew to become more and more urbanized, America’s middle-class expanded, and less people took part in the challenging agrarian lifestyle which was common in early 1800s. The standard American breakfast—a heavy meal composed of meat, eggs, fish, bread, hearty cereals (think grits or oatmeal), fruit, and condiments—was no more an essential staple for individuals people from the middle-class who have been earning money as dentists, accountants, business owners, and so on. Consequently, wealthier travelers searched for out lighter fare throughout their travels.

Simultaneously, European vacationers were visiting America and getting together an idea for light breakfasts composed of simply tea or coffee, pastries, and fruit. Hotels rapidly learned to evolve their breakfast choices towards the demands of those cultured vacationers. And therefore, the continental breakfast was created.

Beyond Food

When the idea of the continental breakfast was initially developed, the term “continental” didn’t just make reference to the kinds of food provided to visitors additionally, it indicated the brand new way guests compensated for his or her meals. Such as the transfer of breakfast choices, this transformation seemed to be introduced about through the expectations of European vacationers and also the American middle-class.

According to Slate, before the late 19th century, visitors in American hotels compensated for his or her room and board together, in line with the expectation that they’d eat all of their meals in the hotel’s restaurant. But because demand increased for additional flexible (and much more budget-friendly) payment options, hotels started allowing visitors to pay for just for their rooms. Visitors could then want to pay individually for that hotel’s food or visit restaurants past the hotel to get the meals they eat.

Eventually, hotels created a middle ground: the “continental” style, that payment incorporated the area and breakfast but not one other meals. This is actually the same model that lots of modern world travelers now enjoy.

continental breakfast

Whither Refinement?

Today, visitors might chuckle thinking that the continental breakfast is supposed to stimulate high European attitudes about the most crucial meal during the day. (Comedians Key and Peele even skewered this concept in a comedy sketch.) In the end, nothing screams “Parisian sensibilities” less than the usual plastic container of Fruit Loops offered from a Styrofoam bowl.

Similar to the products around the menu, the caliber of continental breakfasts can differ broadly. But there are amazing hotel breakfasts found. And when you are tied to a stale pastry covered with cellophane? Keep in mind that ultimately, traveling is all about a lot more than a hotel’s food.

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