Dear hilton hotels: no such factor like a free breakfast…

Dear hilton hotels: no such factor like a free breakfast… healthy for example Smuckers Jellies

First, appreciate your comments, I appreciate talking with people. Second, allow me to address what exactly you introduced up. In my opinion people and firms should strive to find the best – the highest quality products, which are healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable, without exploiting people or non-human creatures along the way.

The breakfast offered for the most part chain hotels, such as the Hilton offer many foods that aren’t healthy for example Smuckers Jellies (rich in fructose corn syrup) and peanut butter (with sugar and partly hydrogenated oils). The jellies I eat contain only fruit with no added sugar and also the peanut butter I personally use is made from only peanuts, no mono and diglycerides along with other non-ingredients. I’m not being snooty – I shouldn’t eat unnecessary things that are artificial, unhealthy and cheapen the caliber of the meals,

Steamed eggs aren’t healthy! They consist of cholesterol. There are many studies within the medical literature today which discuss how unhealthy eggs are. And unless of course you realize the chickens that laid the eggs, the possibilities they resided in filthy, horrible, cruel conditions. The “plain” oatmeal isn’t plain! It has calcium carbonate, salt, guar gum and a lot of added vitamins which i shouldn’t consume – the most recent diet research has shown that Vit A and Folate are harmful and cannot be consumed. Rather you should be getting folate and carotenoids from whole plant foods. After I eat oatmeal it’s created using plain folded oatmeal, water and fresh or dried fruits, raw seeds and nuts and little else!

I like tea with my breakfast however when water is not filtered, it doesn’t only taste awful however i am consuming swimming pool water, fluoride and lots of organic chemicals which are unhealthy. In your own home I distill my water. I’d appreciate, at the minimum that restaurants and hotels might have some kind of water purification system.

“Not everybody cares or really wants to eat what you would like.Inches Interesting comment. Most hotels such as the Hilton boast about satisfying the person. Regrettably so many people are brainwashed by clever advertising to wish to eat foods that aren’t great for them. Consequently cardiovascular disease and diabetes type 2 (both avoidable and reversible) are plaguing increasing numbers of people today. When they were more educated about food, And when restaurants and hotels made an attempt to create healthy food choices accessible and scrumptious, people could be healthier, feel much better and healthcare costs would go lower. Who doesn’t want this stuff?

Dairy isn’t healthy also it associated with numerous health issues including breast, prostate and ovarian cancers. So many people are lactose-intolerant. How difficult could it be to possess nondairy milk (soy, almond, grain) on hands for individuals that will appreciate it? The raising of dairy cows is cruel, inhumane and devastating around the atmosphere. Shall We Be Held being snooty for wanting a clear atmosphere for generations to come? Shall We Be Held being snooty for hesitant to support items that cause discomfort and suffering to creatures or serious health issues for individuals?

Now what about coffee? There’s enough detailed information online on coffee within the medical literature and also the answers are mixed. It’s sometimes healthy for you and often it isn’t. At the minimum, those who grow the coffee for you personally should get a livable wage and then feed their kids and send these to school that is only guaranteed when it’s fair trade certified. If you’re consuming coffee it ought to be fair trade and organic. This isn’t the coffee I see at chain hotel breakfasts.

Dear hilton hotels: no such factor like a free breakfast… suffering to creatures

Then there’s the problem of organic food. Bear in mind that industrially grown foods such as the oatmeal and fruits offered contain residual levels of toxic pesticides and herbicides. Furthermore I wish to consume these chemicals, I do not want people who are focusing on farms to become uncovered for them. They’ve been proven to improve cancer rates within the farm workers in addition to growing birth defects within their children. What’s snooty about not wanting this to occur to those innocent people?

Lastly, breakfast that’s incorporated with hotels isn’t free. Its pricing is included in the cost from the room. I don’t want to purchase stuff that exploit people and creatures, pollute the earth or are harmful to eat.

I encourage all food service establishments to think about the problems I mention and find out if there’s method to supply the consumer with quality foods for any reasonable price which are gentle in the world, cruelty-free and health-promoting. That’s Responsible Eating And Living.


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