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Complimentary breakfast hotel ve VEGAN Breakfast Options

Complimentary Breakfast Hotel

Organic Local Food Gourmet Freshly Ground Coffee Relax & Enjoy

Windward Inn complimentary breakfast hotel is easily the most popular hotel amenity. Although some big chains offer their “gold members” a continental breakfast, and lots of B&Bs provide a single selection, Windward provides more. Visitors get a menu focusing on the bounty of Maine. Guest’s breakfast are created to order. Visitors get to their very own pace and revel in. Daily periodic component specials and gourmet choices with fruit, organic walnut syrup, organic wild particularly, lots to select from. Eco-friendly smoothies can be found, so take it easy about compromising during vacation, or getting to create your vitamix along with you! Additionally to traditional choices, we’ve VEGAN Breakfast Options.

Windward Inn Complimentary Breakfast

What exactly are you awaiting? Peak season rooms book fast.

Unlike chain hotels and yet another B&Bs around, Windward Inn provides a complimentary breakfast. Visitors may arrive in the morning in a leisurely pace, order the things they like and revel in a warm scrumptious breakfast. Our Camden Maine Inn rooms and suites have a complimentary breakfast.

Fair Trade Coffee

We take our coffee seriously. Windward Inn serves shade grown in your area small batch roasted coffee.

Traditional American Comfort Food

Windward Inn’s hotel complimentary breakfast offers traditional having a twist. Our complimentary breakfast hotel menu products are manufactured from fresh local and organic ingredients. Benefit from the wholesome goodness of Maine with organic Walnut syrup, and organic wild Maine particularly.

Gluten-free Complimentary Breakfast

Our menu includes products to match any diet. Windward Inn visitors will never need to request a unique arrangement. Take a look at our reviews on

This complimentary breakfast hotel options clearly signifies which products are gluten-free. Recption menus also signifies which breakfast options could be prepared vegan.

Miss your super foods when eating at restaurants on holiday? We have your back with this kale and eco-friendly smoothies and fruit. You can buy several choices and never seem like you’re compromising your taste, values or standards during vacation.

Windward House’s complimentary breakfast is created fresh to buy . We use natural, local and organic ingredients, and provide gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options. Additionally to the standard items we supplement our complimentary breakfast with daily market fresh specials. Windward offers many special deals and room add-ons to create your Maine trip planning easy enjoyable and fun.

Traditional, Vegetarian and Vegan Breakfast


Windward House, a b -&B in Maine is really a hotel or lodging that provides a complimentary breakfast together with your room.  We use local coffee roasters and freshly ground beans of the fair traded shade grown organic variety – Windward House Blend. It’s wealthy and aromatic although not overpowering.

Gluten-free Breakfast

We provide several breakfast options which are gluten-free, including some which are also vegan and vegetarian. Additionally to bacon, and sausage, we’ve pancakes, waffles, and gluten-free grits and cream of grain.

Our fresh local organic the opportunity eggs are vibrant yellow and pure white-colored and taste just like a hello. Specialized over easy, poached, fried or perhaps in an omelet.


What to Eat at Hotel Continental Breakfast | VLOG #65 | What I Ate Today [Nutritarian/Vegan]


Quinn Haisley: Hey! Just a quick heads up. Most of the peanut butter they stock at hotels has hydrogenated oils in it, meaning it has trans fats. Hopefully that will change soon, but it's always good to watch out for!

The Watering Mouth: Definitely, Quinn, I think that's a great tip!! 😀 Thank you!!

Mechelle Ancrum: I was tricked by those "sweet potato" chips once too!

The Watering Mouth: Yeah Mechelle, so glad to hear I'm not to the only one!! Haha. At least they were free from the hotel, lol. Otherwise…grrrr!! 😀 :D

Sandy Mathiesen: WOW – you guys will like the hikes in Tahoe if/when you make it here. We have TREES! If i'm driving – I bring mason jars with oatmeal and a cooler with frozen berries (or buy at store when I get there) and bananas or apples. and a box of almond milk (which doesn't compare to homemade but is ok for vacations). I bring soups in mason jars. soups that I can either heat up or am Ok with cold (i love my lentil soup and split pea soup so much – it's even ok if I can't heat it). Sometimes bringing all that still isn't enough to keep me on track – and I end up at restaurants making less than good choices. sigh. I'm scheduled for a conference in January I have to fly to – and am already worrying how I will manage that. If there isn't much of a winter – I can maybe drive – but it's a long way.

The Watering Mouth: These are all fantastic ideas Sandy. Very similar to what ends up happening to me too, but usually I at least get more Nutritarian meals in than if I hadn't prepared, and that to me is totally worth it. It's ok to be off track sometimes, as long as you get back on! You will be strong for your conference, start putting that out into the universe! Prepare as best you can, bring a blender if you can, and just keep trying! Only go to vegan restaurants if you can find them using the Happy Cow app on your phone. At least you won't have dairy or meat that way. And did you give me your lentil soup and split pea soup recipes yet? I'm not sure where I put them if so…can you email them to me? you can email me here and I will email you back! ::