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The Shy Girl' title='The Shy Girl’s Guide to Hostels

First, if you’re shy, then it’s an enormous struggle to get away from your safe place to be with many people you do not know. Second, if you are a introvert (much like me) you most likely could be pretty comfortable sticking to yourself. Therefore the fact you’re even considering moving out into the field of traveling and remaining in hostels is amazing! Congratulations! You’re going to make a move extroidinary which will improve your existence forever!

I did not think an excessive amount of before remaining within my first hostel, alone. I had been within my early 20’s also it just appeared such as the factor to complete should you desired to travel on a tight budget. I had been searching toward the liberty remaining inside a hostel permitted me to possess. I had been excited to become alone inside a country not even close to my very own without anybody that helped me to, which must have been terrifying, however it wasn’t.

Internationally, like a foreigner you stand out, and you don’t only stand out towards the locals, but with other people from other countries too. You are members of a unique club of travelers, with the exception of this club any traveler is welcome. In some way as being a foreigner among other travelers dulls your shyness and also you easily start conversations with other people. It’s very easy because should you not question them what they’re doing there and just how lengthy they’ve been traveling, they’ll inquire. You’ve something that is similar to nearly every person you meet inside a hostel, you’re wanting adventure, to determine something totally new, to possess unusual encounters.

I do not determine if it really works for everybody like it’s labored for me personally, so these are merely my opinions about how remaining in hostels can alter you. If you wish to get free from your covering, and get free from your safe place, traveling and remaining inside a couple of hostels can provide you with a confidence you didn’t have before. Listed here are my strategies for remaining in hostels if you’re a shy introvert much like me.

Make use of the common regions of the hostel.

UGH! It was difficult for me personally initially. I needed to cover within my room and browse or just leave the hostel and discover a fairly place and explore. I wasn’t thinking about meeting people initially when i first remained in hostels. I actually do love people, and that i deeply love meeting people, but may your time and effort it requires that i can start conversations with new people is sufficient to keep me alone within my safe place. You will not be sorry though should you spend time for any bit within the common regions of the hostel. Have a book, a pc, or journal, and exercise relaxing and being around people. It’s normal. You will not look unnatural and someone might start a discussion along with you so it’s not necessary to complete any work.

The Shy Girl

Make periodic eye-to-eye contact.

Ok, I do not mean it inside a creepy way, don’t stare people lower. But don’t keep the mind lower whole time either. If you notice someone within the room that appears like they may want to talk, you need to be available to it, and appear available to it. Should you keep the mind lower inside your book or journal the whole time you”re in the most popular area, you will not make any buddies.

Bring a hat, ipod device, and earphones.

One factor about hostels is that they are friendly, and individuals wish to setup a meeting. In situation you’re tired and requiring that time alone to recharge, bring a hat and earphones, nobody will bother you. You will not seem like a loner (even though you may, so what?). Many people will undoubtedly respect that you’re a little you some time and let it rest at this, or won’t notice you whatsoever. Which method for you to spend time within the common areas or even the your bunk, and never be worried about anybody troubling you following a lengthy day’s site seeing.The Shy Girl' title='The Shy Girl’s Guide to Hostels

Don’t stress when the first person you speak with doesn’t really wish to talk.

I remained in a single hostel for any week in Portugal. I had been fine site seeing alone but soon after days I truly desired to find a couple of individuals to site see with. I’d attempted striking up a discussion having a boy who had been eating alone at breakfast and lunch on several days. As they stated hi and it was thinking about speaking in my experience for a short time, also, he appeared very stand offish, and that i felt awkward each time I attempted to start a discussion with him. Come to discover he was going with three women, plus they hadn’t showed up in the hostel yet. And So I am guessing he didn’t want another girl hanging out, or he just really didn’t much like me, haha. I felt slightly rejected, but didn’t allow it to reach me. Eventually I had been eating breakfast alone along with a girl in the Netherlands came over and sitting by me. We began speaking, she’d just showed up and wanted anyone to site see with. Bingo! We’d a great time together, we did an entire day visiting castles and so the following day rode bicycles towards the beach. Her friend became a member of us on the bicycle ride so we had a lot of fun.

The Shy Girl

The Shy Girl




elliekinzz1: I've been looking at hostels in Australia, and most of the ones I've come across have such mixed reviews.. literally some people are like "10 stars, faultless, amazing" and some (reviewing the exact same hostel) will be like "disgusting, bad atmosphere, don't go here" and it puts me off! I'm probably over thinking it haha but I'm super nervous.. never stayed in a hostel before

MAHF: Thanks!