Strategies for remaining in the chungking mansions – budget accommodation in hong kong

Tips for staying at the Chungking Mansions - budget accommodation in Hong Kong

Perform a look for cheap hotels in Hong Kong and you’ll find a summary of hotels for that Chungking Mansions. The very first time I remained in Hong Kong I booked a location here being unsure of things i was getting myself into.

I’d an image of the run-lower colonial mansion rich in ceilings, a lazy ceiling fan swooshing overhead, and old wooden shades searching on the the roads below. Rather I had been welcomed having a drab water-stained concrete block with air conditioners and washing hanging out of the home windows.

Chungking Mansions - Hong Kong

[Chungking Mansions – Hong Kong]

The “mansions” is really a city-within-a-building, occupied by shops, small company offices, and apartments. On the floor floor you will find money changers, import and export companies, cell phone and electronic shops amongst others.

It appears as though something from Blade Runner, or simply a modern homage the that old Kowloon Walled City.

Shops of the Chungking Mansions

[Shops from the Chungking Mansions]

Chungking is the house of cheap accommodation in Hong Kong. Here you’ll find budget accommodation marketed as hotels, hostels, and guesthouses. Anything they call themselves, many of them are simply a window-less box a crib during the night.

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I’ve been visiting Hong Kong since 2002 and I’ve remained in the Chungking (and also the nearby Mirador Mansions) several occasions now. If you are planning to lodge in the Chungking Mansions listed here are my strategies for creating a much more comfortable stay.

Check these options before you decide to stay

As the Chungking Mansions are nearly always the least expensive single-room option in Hong Kong, may possibly not be the greatest value. For instance a single room are available for $30USD, but may you will find crazy deals happening for 4 and five star hotels. On my small last visit I discovered an area in the 4* Ramada Hotel for $50 and so i required that option rather. These deals aren’t always available however i check Agoda and type hotels by 4 and 5 stars as Agoda frequently have deals opting for the large metropolitan areas of Asia.

An alternative choice is looking at Airbnb for just about any deals. Should you haven’t used Airbnb an email psychic reading a $20 credit by registering here (the loan lasts per month so register when you’re prepared to book) first-time users might exercise cheaper this way.

If you’ve never visited Hong Kong here’s my guide to find the best areas in which to stay Hong Kong.

Remain on the very first 3 floors

The Chungking Mansions is sort of a city on its own. There has to be lots of people remaining within this building at anyone time, also it seems like it when you attend the elevator.

Whenever you book an area the address features a block number, and you will have to discover the corresponding elevator for your block. Sometimes the queues for that lift could be lengthy and also the ride crowded with individuals and freight.

I’ve become for this by only remaining in guesthouses as up high because the third floor (Hong Kong make use of the British method of counting floors (i.e. the right way) and count the floor floor because the bottom floor.)

Waiting for the elevator at the Chungking Mansions

[Awaiting the elevator in the Chungking Mansions]

Not just is walking quicker than awaiting a good start, it’s a great way to become familiar with the exit in situation of emergency. You just need to remember where your unique staircase is. The final time I remained it had been inside a side alley among two shops. Here are a few lower floor options.




lo man: Local people will think Chung king building so dirty! because so many Indra peoples

William Chow: Chungking Mansion used to have a problem with drugs & crimes; It now has improved security cameras & guards. Lots of Indian & African sellers & residents. Good bargain Indian food served by restaurants in the complex. Rooms are inexpensive but small. OK if you just need a place to shower & sleep.

Daniel Tim: Apple hostel on the 10th floor (corridor C if i remember correctly) is great. They'll change your sheets everyday, clean it up properly and Filipino ladies who manage the place are very very friendly and trustworthy. Closed rooms have nice, controlled air conditioning too – so one can enjoy dry air :)

bababoo zonkie: good for currency exchange on the ground floor. Also indian food and dvd's etc. The building itself is probably not safe. God help people if there was a fire. I remember there used to be a lot of people waiting for the lift.

marcio perdigao: 3:15 , looks like a prison cell .

DrKnappstein 37: Nice video as always. The sex shop sign made me laugh, though. :)

vince igwe: oi..nooiccee videos Jasmine​……as usual

LEO Chu: Stuff in chungking are really cheap but locals seldom go there cuz it's kinda dangerous inside. one of my friend told me before, he went there and he saw someone are dealing drugs there. I am a local and I have only been there once in my entire life. sorry for my bad English 😂

Celine Lau: just horrific.

Sp3ll633: You want a good hotel wortht he price? Try M1 North Point, I tried it before, its not bad, and very new actually