Seven strategies for remaining in off-shore northwest hostels

hostel_petergreeneIn lots of metropolitan areas and towns through the Northwest, from Astoria to Victoria, a hostel is the least expensive overnight option. The factor is, the mere reference to the word hostel transmits many people ducking for canopy within plush lower duvet in the (costly) B&B in the street.

May be the bad rap legit? Sure, sometimes. Not every hostels are produced equal. Like all kinds of lodging, many are nice an excellent value, and a few are simply horrible. And stinky. And crowded. However, you shouldn’t shun an especially good hostel JUST since it is a hostel, or else you will simply be shortchanging yourself.

Exactly what is a hostel?

Within the most general terms, a hostel is definitely an affordable destination with simply probably the most fundamental of services. Most hostels offer bunkbeds in dormitory-style rooms with shared baths. More and more, you’ll find hostels with private and family rooms, incidents where with private baths. You will find unpredicted perks, though. Most hostels offer services that you simply won’t even enter expensive hotels, just like a free continental breakfast, free wireless, and shared kitchen facilities. And, whether your hostel is within Portland or Prague, your hostel stay will likely keep you in touch with travelers from around the globe.

Exist Hostels within the Off-shore Northwest?

bySabine42Yes! Hostelling Worldwide ( operates several hostels within our major metropolitan areas, including Portland, San antonio, Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler, Nanaimo, Tofino and much more. Many of these have private rooms readily available for couples or families.

You will find individually-run hostels through the Northwest too. A couple of in our favorites would be the Ashland Hostel (within easy reach to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival) and also the Bingen School Inn Columbia Gorge Hostel. We’re also keen on the Toad Lily House in Port Angeles and also the Seaside Worldwide Hostel in Seaside. Great hostels abound, you just need worksome work to locate them.

We’ve compiled seven handy strategies for hostels that simply might keep you going to test one in your next trip on vacation.

1. Choose a private room.

Unless of course you’re twenty years old or enjoy being lulled to rest towards the seem of somebody snoring, you might like to look for hostels that provide private rooms. Many of them do. Naturally, this method is much more costly while a hostel dorm bed typically moment $20, a personal room costs $35 -$70. It’s still an inexpensive sleep in my opinion plus much more comfortable than the usual bunk.

2. Book early.

The factor with private hostel rooms is, they usually book out for several days, or perhaps days, ahead of time. Private rooms at Hostelling International’s Jericho Beach retreat in Vancouver BC are most likely reserved with this summer time. Their Hawthorne district hostel in Portland books out private rooms on weekends about 30 days ahead of time.

3. Find testimonials.

The easiest method to gauge whether a specific hostel will meet or exceed your standard of acceptability would be to read actual reviews from those who have remained there. Take a look at testimonials at Hostelworld,,, and Trip Consultant. It is also smart to compare different hostels within the same city. For instance, the Portland Pensione just a 54% rating on Hostelworld, as the HI Hostel on Nob Hill comes with an 86% rating… certainly figures to concentrate on.

4. Location, location, location.

Frequently you will notice that hostels have been in good, central locations on genital transit lines. Seattle’s Eco-friendly Turtle Hostel, set directly next door in the primary entrance towards the Pike Place Market, is really a favorite place for worldwide backpackers towards the region and great choice if you’re counting on riding on the bus and wish use of downtown nightlife. Some hostels are hidden in out-of-the-way neighborhoods, like Hotel Hotel, that is in the middle of Seattle’s vibrant Fremont neighborhood. As the location isn’t central, Seattle’s north-finish neighborhoods have fabulous nature and nightlife, which means this provides a unique experience.

5. Travel light.

Even though you snagged a personal room, your hostel accommodations might be ‘cozy,’ and also the storage open to you might be minimal. As with, a locker. Call ahead to be certain if this sounds like a problem for you personally, and produce a safe and secure padlock being an extra security measure for stowing your belongings.

6. Take the own soap, towel and bedsheet.

Yeah, I understand I simply said to visit light, but if you wish to have a shower, pack a towel. Many hostels don’t provide them, and a few have no idea provide linens, so bring a sheet or perhaps your sleeping bag. I’ve got a flannel sleepsack that my sister stitched for me personally which has a zipper lower along side it – ideal for hostelling.

7. Be social.

This can be a tip at least you reach the hostel. You will probably find your hostel experience could be more fun and valuable for you should you spend some time speaking with and understanding another folks who are remaining inside your hostel along with you. I remember when i remained in a hostel in Mexico City which had visitors from four different continents, and that i is at awe of the travel tales. If you’re traveling solo, you will probably find a little dinner buddies by doing this. And also the folks in the hostel’s front desk will likely be a great source for local tourism information, and can point you for the best local bar to savor a beer.

Photos by Peter Gene, Sabine42.

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