How in which to stay a hostel if you are old


There are only a couple of stuff you should most likely learn about me before I recieve began with this particular publish. Here goes:

1. I’m broke.

2. I’ve the beautiful regular practice of convincing myself which i “deserve” stuff I am unable to afford, like nice rooms in hotels and plane tickets and dresses I most likely won’t put on. I’m never entirely sure what I’ve completed to deserve these items. BUT SHUT UP, REASONABLE MIND-VOICE. NOW HERE’S MY Charge Card, And Provide ME MY STUFFS.

3. I’ve very lately recognized that my aforementioned habit has resulted in my aforementioned broke-liness. I understand. I most likely must have recognized by doing this prior to this. But I have not been particularly proficient at finances. Or logical reasoning. Or, really, fundamental good sense.

4. I’ve lately vowed to prevent buying stuff I can’t afford. Because, you realize, I a lot like my kidneys, and it might be unfortunate to need to sell them off, in order to repay my charge card.

And  that’s the way i found myself remaining inside a hostel in New You are able to City after i was there for Women’s Travel Fest a couple of days ago.

And, guess what happens, despite being really old and crotchedy and accustomed to little luxuries, like, say, not getting to talk about my bathroom with other people, I truly didn’t mind it.

Actually, I’d possibly even try it again.

In the end, it’s a great way to travel and my kidneys.

Win, win!

Strategies for Remaining inside a Hostel if you are Old

Tip Number One: Book a personal room

Here’s an enjoyable fact about hostels that minus the coupon-clipping when the before you remained in a single you had been 18 years of age as well as on the first trip overseas and also you didn’t mind over sleeping rooms filled with other people since this is An Enjoyable ADVENTURE, Everyone, LET’S Be Buddies At This Time:

They often have private rooms.

Granted the non-public rooms aren’t anything fancy.

For instance, it was my private room within the hostel in New You are able to City:


Too Old for a Hostel? – WHAT'S MY AGE AGAIN? (Hostel Question #2)


BB: Staying in hostels around the world, I have seen people who live in hostels at their real home in their 50's and 60's. They must leave after a certain amount of days sleeping at the hostel, but then they are able to return. Due to the hostel dorm being cheap they don't have any other option of affordability for a place to stay. Economics in this life, for Millennial generation, heck, they are still living at home! It is very challenging for many people, even into senior citizen age, if they had children, to afford a hotel room, particularly when traveling alone.\n\nWe all live on one planet. Why can we not be be respectful and caring to other humans, as we would like to be treated….no matter what age. If the person is an elderly man or woman, and causing distress due to behavior that is something to be looked into, otherwise, we all have to come to realization that we are ALL getting old! You may want to travel when you get to middle age and cannot afford to pay $100 + dollars a night. Are you going to stop travelling around the world for the rest of your life? Seriously! \n\nIt would be an ideal innovation to create hostels for people, for example, 35 + for this way people don't feel left out. Unfortunately, private rooms in the hostels we have are also costly. I actually like seeing middle age and elderly people in hostels. They can have a lot to offer and teach. I see young people age 30 and under and broke, calling home for money! Why are they even traveling if they dont have money? Many people in that generation will have huge challenges in the world. I just see them being broke and one day, they will be in their 40's and older and still hoping they can stay at a hostel for they are financially strapped on paying for accommodation. Get real here. Life is complicated and there really should be no restriction on ethnicity, height, health issue, nor……age! Be respectful and you will receive respect back.

Fall off the Map: I was going to disagree with your opinions on hostel age limits until you clarified your opinion. At 42 I still stay in hostels. One hostel I stayed at had a character of an 80 year old lady that was drunkenly hitting on all the young guys. Nobody was bothered in the slightest, because she was a awesome person that made us all hope that we would be so fun and adventurous at 80. I've also stayed at many kid friendly hostels. For kids, it's more of a behavior/noise issue than an age issue. If you've got a hyperactive 10 year old that screams and throws tantrums, stay the hell away from hostels. If your kids understand and respect social living environments then bring them. Sure, they might get exposed to a bit of party culture along the way, but if you're an open minded parent then it's just a great natural teaching opportunity. I plan on hosteling until I'm too old to wear a backpack.

Piquetures by Nomi: So glad I found your channel! How's Vietnam? I hope I'll never grow mentally old! -N

Travel Gretl: Think you should never be too old for a hostel! Age is just a number 🙂 and with less money you should be able to travel any age. Or if you like to be around people? Wouldn't like it if I am not able to get in when in my 40s – if I'd want to ;)

Will Monroe: Try to get a desktop microphone since you're voice is really quiet.

mysirius1000: Ya, you have kind of a soft creepy voice and should not frequent hostels anymore; you judgemental prick!

Bella Femme: Do they check your ID for your age. There is so many age restriction when traveling and I don't look my age….ugh

Perry Jones: The people who are against discrimination are often the first to discriminate.\nSo.. everyone who is older becomes a creep?\nEveryone who is quiet is a creep?\nDiscrimination is wrong.

Dustin Kelton: cool vid, very true