Essential tips and methods for hostel travel – the hostel girl

Essential tips and methods for hostel travel - the hostel girl use for

1. Know what’s vital that you you when you book

Every look for the right hostel starts with the mixture of two factors. The dates you’ll be inside a destination where that destination is.

But when you’ve looked for available dates within the city, you have to already be considering which kind of atmosphere you need to remain in and what’s vital that you you when travelling. Should you aren’t confident with drunk visitors, you most likely wish to avoid a celebration hostel and when you’re most joyful on the mtb possibly you’ll need a hostel with bike storage.

That will help you, I’ve come up with a summary of the different sorts of hostels you’ll find in Europe.

If you are unsure how to locate and book an excellent hostel, discover the shocking truth below:

2. Pick an area size to match you

Don’t go for that least expensive bed should you will not be comfortable inside a 30-bed dorm – yes they exist.

I am inclined to choose from 4- bed and 10-bed dorms for the way interpersonal I’m feeling. The smaller sized the dorm the greater your bed cost but sooner or later comfort needs to come above budget.

3. Could it be cheaper to reserve a personal room?

If you are not travelling solo but disappearing with several buddies, it’s certainly worth examining the prices from the private rooms!

For instance, some hostels may charge €20 per bed every night within an 8-bed dorm however their private rooms only cost €60 and hold four people. For four individuals in which to stay dorms room it might cost €80 an evening – that is €20 greater than the dorm!

4. Have different lock sizes

This really is my go-to hostel travel tip! Lockers in hostels (should they have them) aren’t universal and a few even work on your password system!

To become safe and sound it’s better to carry a minumum of one small key lock (such as the ones you’d use for the suitcase) and something bigger combination padlock because these fit most lockers I’ve encounter.

5. Prepare pyjamas before an evening out

You’ve just showed up in a new hostel prior to the nightly pub crawl. Woooooo! And good for you to get stuck in immediately!

But do your and yourself roommates a favour. Before you decide to mind to lower tequila shots and cocktails, grab your pyjamas out of your pack and lay them ready in your bed. Like a girl I additionally get my face wipes out and set all of them with my pyjamas.

It’s a great deal simpler than coming back at 2am and getting to search through your pack at nighttime having a belly filled with vodka so it’s not necessary to undergo the embarrassment of waking up naked.

6. Prepare clothes for that morning if you are getting out of bed early

Early risers could be a discomfort within the arse in hostels for 2 reasons: they create lots of noise preparing plus they set alarms at absurd hrs. I understand this because quite frequently I’m the first riser.

Essential tips and methods for hostel travel - the hostel girl wipes out and setResourse:



Sheesh: I hate bedbugs

Mark Humphreys: "The Body Condom" LMAO I need one

Baron Yamamoto: A simple hook…wow…that totally makes sense. Thanks for sharing that one, Christine. I just assumed hostels were built like hotel- like amenities. Because I camp a lot, I usually bring paracord to hang things. 

Sasha Forbes: I need an eye mask & white noise app.  I've had to get comfortable with ear buds overnight, but I've been able to sleep through more than my fair share of drunk &/or snoring roommates. haha

Sarah Joan Potter: I love my silk liner! I got it for christmas, it was expensive but damn is it worth it :)

gochellego2: S-hook! Genius! I also use the reusable bag for my toiletries and always am praying for a hook! Haha, problem solved, thank u!

Winfield Huang: One thing I consider more of a travel necessity these days is a USB power bank. You don't need to use the outlets (as much) and you can charge your important devices, like your phone/ tablet right next to you instead of having it exposed to the possibility of theft.

SoriduSnakeu: Silk, aye? Never knew that.

Safaa Jasim: Hi Christine .. Another useful tips, many thanks for sharing .. Only I'm wondering if the hooks are allowed into the "Cabin Backpack Baggage" and they don't think these are sharp tools that we are going to hijack the plane! xD

bignoknow: Very cool.