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I’m frequently requested why I go for hostels rather of hotels within the metropolitan areas I am going to. The simple answer is. I wish to travel cheaper so will be able to travel longer. Remaining in hostels is among the how to do this but regrettably many people believe the stereotypes with regards to hostelling so that they prevent them such as the plague. I’ve made the decision it’s time for you to eliminate a few of the myths to inform you why hostels are much better than hotels.

Myth #1: Hostels are suitable for under 30

Certainly not! A select couple of do focus on vacationers under 30 but generally, hostels are suitable for everybody regardless of what age!

Myth #2: Hostels are college dorms for singles without any private space

The majority of my stays in hostels were really privately rooms. If you are just one traveller, remaining in rooms along with other vacationers is much more appealing but many hostels have the choice of double or single rooms like hotels and a few even their very own bathroom. Yup, (almost) the days are gone of share bathrooms. The majority of the hostels I’ve crashed in provided my very own private ensuite.  Best of,  €25 every night beats €100/night for hotels. Personally, the additional cash I save from accommodations I’d rather spend going through the city (or eating!), non?

Myth #3: Hostels are dirty

Maybe. But so are lots of hotels. Fortunately, I’ve never remained within an unclean or trashy hostel (and that i would not wish to). Most hostel booking sites have thorough reviews using their company vacationers who’ve remained there in addition to links to photos from the rooms. I personally use this to evaluate whether or not this will meet my standards and that i haven’t yet been disappointed. Should you choose your quest you’ll find a few of the cleanest accommodations. The majority of the hostels I’ve remained in happen to be cleaner than some hotels I set feet in! Actually, my hostel in Madrid should’ve been known as expensive hotels!

Myth #4: Hostels are harmful

Not too! Visitors in hostels are vacationers like we, on a tight budget and travelling the planet. Actually, if you are a solo female traveller some hostels offer same-gender rooms, bathrooms, or floors. Hostels will also be a great deal smaller sized than many hotels (some seem like houses). Actually, some seem like houses and therefore are intimate enough that everybody turns into a familiar face. Unlike hotels, you are able to feel safe knowing who’s coming on and on. Some actually have a round-the-clock staffed reception.

Myth #5: Hostels are party-central

Sometimes. Some hostels their very own bar or themed nights which may be a sign from the hostel’s atmosphere. Again, take a look at reviews to see what past visitors say, or send an e-mail towards the hostel asking if parties really are a regular factor there. After some research you’ll make sure to discover the best for you. If you want the party scene, there is a hostel for your. If you prefer a tranquil place, there is a hostel for your too!

I really hope these pointers help obvious up a few of the misconceptions about remaining in hostels and that i hope they provide you with the arrogance to test hostelling on your own!


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AMANDALAND: This is such a great video– even more useful bc of how little info there is!! Kyrgyzstan is my dream destination of mine, and I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to get to the world nomad games in 2018! :)

Gulina Monroe: lucky you!

Кубат Бий: AMANDALAND welcome

Кыргызстан Эрлан Кадыров: welcom to kyrgyzstan

Nomadic Samuel – Travel Channel: Thank you very much! We had a great time :)

FitAngie: What a great video, loved it. I've never heard of krygystan before until now

Nomadic Samuel – Travel Channel: Thank you! It is a cool country to visit especially for those interested in adventure travel. Lots of hiking, horse-trekking and yurt stays!

RUPERT DSOUZA: good work…..nice presentation…made me to feel to visit kyrgyzstan…

Nomadic Samuel – Travel Channel: Thank you! I hope you can do that soon :)

Matthew Gage: I bet you'd get a million views if you made a compilation of you two eating strange things from around the world. I bet you could take videos from over twenty countries you've already visited to make: The most EPIC travel video ever!