Are hostels safe: a couple of strategies for remaining in hostels in europe and hostel security

Are hostels safe: a couple of strategies for remaining in hostels in europe and hostel security are less

Hostels are usually populated along with other travelers, exactly like you! So never be afraid introducing yourself and make new friends – I’ve made some good buddies that I’m still in contact with by remaining in hostels throughout Europe.

Make use of the review pages around the hostel booking site that you’re using to help in making decision. Obviously you can’t depend on individuals completely as they possibly can be generated, but it’s an excellent beginning point. Remember to depart a genuine review you to ultimately help other backpackers once you’ve finished your stay.

Hostels aren’t hotels. You might find there are less many amenities and comforts as with hotels, but around the plus side you’re having to pay a small fraction of the cost. However, this rule doesn’t necessarily apply – I have seen a hostel in Croatia which had an enormous lcd TV having a Ps 3 connected to it and lots of DVD’s to look at on the comfortable couch. Lots of hostels will surprise you using what they provide!

If you are arriving late and individuals are sleeping, make and try very little noise as you possibly can. It’s a real drag being woken up at 4am each morning if you have a train to trap at 7.30am.

Other backpackers are the best resource with regards to finding the right hostels in which to stay. So take and provide honest hostel recommendations without hesitation!

There are lots of misconceptions with regards to remaining in hostels. Lots of people appear to possess this impression that hostels are dirty and filled with only youthful people who wish to drink and fornicate all day long lengthy. This simply isn’t the situation.

Obviously it’s very determined by which hostel you’re remaining in, as some hostels have a party friendly attitude and therefore are well known in backpacker circles like a place to choose partying. If you’re not next atmosphere, then it’s simple, don’t remain in that hostel! There’s also locations that are quiet and homely, I have seen an entire slew of numerous hostels, and that i can promise you there I usually one which will suit your needs – anything they might be.

Are hostels safe: a couple of strategies for remaining in hostels in europe and hostel security There are lots of misconceptions

Take a look at my other huge publish on Hostels, that ought to answer every other general hostel questions you may have.

Have some fun hostelling!


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Mark Wolters: like your personal no over the top BS style. always good to see and hear.

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jj111099: Hey 🙂 I've heard if you have a day pack like that, or a small backpack/purse, you could put it at the bottom of a sleeping bag, cause it's virtually impossible to get to without waking the person up. I know my cousin does at least :)

Politically Incorrect: Thank you for your advice. One more thing, a sturdy padlock is only difficult to break, not difficult to pick. When I stay at a hostel, I lock my backpack only but I wear my money belt or put the money in the zipped pocket of my comfortable yoga pants while sleeping.

Claire Dunning: thank you for the tips, very helpful!!! I never would have thought of a bike lock in the room, thanks :D

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