A newbie’s help guide to remaining inside a hostel the very first time – the hostel girl

A newbie's help guide to remaining inside a hostel the very first time - the hostel girl hostel-for-the-first-time

Not every hostels are produced equal

Some hostels is going to be cleaner than the others, some hostels could be more fun than the others, and a few will offer you better good value than the others.

Discussing dorms room

This can be a subject I recieve requested frequently. “Is it safe in which to stay mixed dorms“ or “Will my stuff be secure inside a dorm room”. Often even “What when the individuals my room don’t much like me?” 

Be Genuine

My favorite suggestion for your very first time inside a shared dorm room would be to you need to be yourself. If you are exhausted because you have been travelling for hrs and would like to have an early night – don’t worry about whether your roommates will think you’re boring! If you’ve were built with a couple of a lot of beers plus they hear you singing your better rendition from the intro towards the Lion King – take it easy! They may even participate in!


With regards to tidiness, you might want to get accustomed to walking more than a couple of people’s bags and sliding their towel taken care of so that you can ascend to your bunk. This is usually a shock for individuals individuals who’ve never shared a bed room, but overall it’s a lesson in persistence. It is also a lesson in mastering to talk to others making compromises: “Hey, would you mind hanging your towel in the feet-finish from the bed instead of around the ladder, because it’s a slip hazard after i go to sleep!Inches

Meeting individuals from different walks of existence

This really is the best part about hostel travel.

Budget vacationers, business women and men, digital nomads, families, adventure-seekers, bookworms, yoga-nuts, climbers, musicians – all of these are types of people I’ve met in hostels. As well as the plethora of religions and nationalities that walk-through hostel doorways every single day in Europe.

Hostels attract a wide variety of people who you’re almost forced with an open-mind to be able to possess a conversation. So when that conversation starts you will be surprised about what you can examine other coffee shops.

A newbie's help guide to remaining inside a hostel the very first time - the hostel girl for your very first timeResourse: http://thehostelgirl.com/remaining-in-a-hostel-for-the-first-time-guide/

Types of People In Hostels | THE HOSTEL GIRL


ThinkLascivious: How about the "Free-Spirit Girl". Lol.

Restless Child: another type could be that one random old person – like an old guy, looking like he's on a really bad business trip, probably sells weed on the side and makes old people noises

The Hostel Girl: +Restless Child "and makes old people noises" hahaha well I think there's definitely an opportunity for "Types of People Part 2!"

Steve Carver: I think ive been all of those people lol…. this video made me smile…. love…. The Best creeper sleeper dude :)

Nomad: I'm going alone to Paris \nAny tips on how I can meet people \nOr find someone to show me around?

The Hostel Girl: +ayan ali There is a great tour company that leaves from St Christopher's with daily city tours and night time pub crawls. City tours are a great way to meet other guests! When I was there I sat at the bar and got chatting to other guests and staff members who were really fun! Even if you don't drink, sitting or standing near the bar in a hostel is a great way to meet others :)

24narutolover: ayan ali hey I did the same, hope you had fun!

Ma Na: I'm lost. let's go for some shots!:D

The Hostel Girl: +Ma Na Haha I think that should be a new anthem for hostel travel! :)

Lauren Aida: This probably falls under "the best", but I am always sick of the people in hostels who think their experiences have made them so wise and above it all – travel is supposed to make you more humble, not more arrogant! I travel around Ecuador a lot and there's always the one guy who thinks they are a god for having trekked to Machu Picchu (wow! no one's done that one before!) and also went on an ayahuasca retreat with a 100% totally legit shaman (hmmm) who told them all their secrets since they're not like other gringos, even though they don't even have a clue what language the word "ayahuasca" is (Quichua in Ecuador, Quechua in Peru/Bolivia)