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  1. Bring beer.
  2. Bring earplugs.
  3. Bring positivity.
  4. Bring deodorant.
  5. Leave your empties within the recycling.
  6. Leave your loud voices in the bar.
  7. Leave your negativity in your own home.
  8. Leave your wet laundry outdoors.
  9. Shower.
  10. franz ferdinand saravejo hostel

    Shared dorm at Franz Ferdinand Hostel, in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

  11. After 10pm, it is just fair to show the lights on if nobody else is asleep.
  12. After 2am, it is just fair to show the lights on if there’s a fireplace.
  13. Don’t touch other’s shit.
  14. Don’t endure others touching your shit.
  15. Do not take up a lot space together with your shit it mixes along with other people’s shit.
  16. When another person’s shit has combined with your shit, kindly emphasize them their shit is in your shit.
  17. Shower.
  18. Say hi if somebody arrives.
  19. Say bye if somebody leaves.
  20. Don’t sleep on empty beds that are not yours.
  21. Don’t tell people you believe your last hostel was cooler.
  22. Don’t tell people you believe your last city was cooler.
  23. Reside in as soon as, as well as you are able to.
  24. Don’t waste every day having a hangover.
  25. Retox Party Hostel in Budapest

    Shared dorm at Retox Party Hostel, in Budapest, Hungary.

  26. Don’t spend an hour or so researching something in your phone that may be clarified in a moment through the hostel staff.
  27. You shouldn’t be a jerk towards the hostel staff.
  28. Seriously, you shouldn’t be a jerk towards the hostel staff.
  29. Shower.
  30. Speak British. Yes, it sounds weird to state this, but hostels are essentially worldwide territory. British is going to be most broadly spoken by staff and visitors.
  31. Simultaneously, be understanding when others can’t speak British. There are many languages you cannot speak either.
  32. Come up with buddies.
  33. Ask people where they are from.
  34. Tell people where you are from.
  35. Choose the underside bunk.
  36. Shower.
  37. Hostel Shared Dorm Room

    Shared dorm room at Help You At Lily’s hostel in Hanoi, Vietnam.

  38. If you are remaining some time, inquire about extended rates.
  39. If you are remaining some time and also have spare time, ask ab/out working. Some hostels could be more than happy to provide a free bed in return for a little bit of work.
  40. Inquire about free towels.
  41. Don’t steal the disposable towels.
  42. Don’t steal anything. There’s a lot of trust associated with discussing an area with other people. You shouldn’t be the jerk who ruins that.
  43. Shower.

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