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For worldwide women’s day, we would have liked to supply articles advocating women to think about traveling solo when you are safe. Traveling on your own could be a highly rewarding experience, a head to unparalleled freedom and well-deserved self-indulgence. It’s not necessary to compromise your desires and preferences within the interest of the partner or group. You consume what you would like, in which you want and when you wish. The thing is just the attractions that appeal to you. You progress at the own pace, obey your personal whims and hang your personal rules.

The flipside of solo travel, obviously, is safety. Women especially should bear in mind some simple guidelines when adventuring alone. The right place to begin is hotel safety. Wherever your destination, you’ll require a crib. Be careful and vigilant, specially when exploring new territory or having an unfamiliar establishment. Upscale hotels in civilized world are often fairly secure, however it never hurts to consider extra safeguards. Here’s a fast listing of vital strategies for remaining safe in hotels, motels and hostels around the globe.

1. Seek information. What sort of crime is typical in the region? What is the terrorist threat? Are vacationers and ladies frequent targets? Understanding is power. Be aware of full extent of the situation before getting started, and make certain to find information about safety tips specific for your destination.

2. Select a appropriate hotel. The singular best preventative strategy is to pick a safe and secure hotel. Check out the neighbors around your destination. Every city has its own seedy sections. Remember: location, location, location. Yelp is a terrific way to know. Reviewers frequently discuss the security from the hotel and it is surrounding environs.

3. Call ahead. Before you decide to book, call your accommodation and question the establishment’s safety precautions. Inquire about security pads and surveillance cameras and if the front desk is manned 24/7.

4. Never be gender-specific when reserving an area. Provide only the first initial and surname.

5. Don’t stay on the floor floor. The floor floor may be the easiest to gain access to for non-visitors and intruders. Request a room a couple of floors up–though not very full of situation of a hearth or natural disaster.

6. Possess the front desk worker write lower your living space number instead of announce it aloud. You do not want anybody to overhear where you’re remaining. When they do express it, request a brand new room and also have them write it this time around.

7. Stick with your luggage through the check-in process. Don’t get distracted and turn away from it. When talking towards the front desk worker, put it between yourself and also the desk.

8. Request a couple business card printing whenever you sign in. Keep one from your hotel phone in situation of the emergency, and one out of your purse or wallet while you’re on an outing. You shouldn’t forget where you’re remaining!

9. Before you decide to unpack, inspect the area to make certain all home windows and doorways have functioning locks.

10. Keep your door locked. This can be a no-brainer, but it may be simple to forget. Create a practice of locking you once you go into the room. Always employ the deadbolt and security chain it doesn’t matter how excessive it might appear.

11. Don’t open the doorway to strangers–another apparent precaution. It might be less apparent, however, when the stranger claims to become a hotel worker. If you are not expecting anybody, call the leading desk to ensure. Whenever you do open the doorway, keep your security chain engaged until you’re very sure.

12. Look into the locks on all home windows and doorways any time you go in and out the area. Simple, but effective.

13. For added fortification, pack a rubber door stopper along with you.

14. When entering or exiting your accommodation at night, make use of the hotel’s primary entrance.

20 hotel safety strategies for women traveling on your own - travelnerd territory or having an

15. Whenever possible, avoid solitary situations. If required, demand an worker to accompany you back and forth from your vehicle. You need to minimize amount of time in unsecure environments. For instance, if you are awaiting taxi, remain in your lobby until it arrives.

16. Utilize valet parking when open to steer clear of the walk in the parking area towards the hotel

17. Demand room service instead of departing a card in your door. You shouldn’t alert anybody that you’re occupying the area alone.

18. Don’t leave cash, charge cards, jewellery or any other valuable sitting out. Make use of your in-room safe to stash small belongings.

19. If you are going with very valuable products, give them the leading desk when you are out. Many hotels don’t accept liability for products left in guestroom safes. Obtain a written receipt for whatever you leave in the desk.

20. To discourage thievery, supply the illusion that somebody is incorporated in the room when you are out. This can be done by keep your Don’t Disturb card in your door and activating the tv when you are out.

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How Is It To Travel Alone & Stay In Hostels? (Solo Travel) – You should be age 20+ & BE MATURE


GoldJacketLuke: Remember to STAY SAFE, practice common sense, be well researched, and be intelligent when traveling! Enjoy :)\n►PREVIOUS VIDEO I DID ON TRAVELING ALONE (MUST WATCH!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PoH33xH0lY\nIt's a really great video. If new to my channel, checkout my other videos and consider subscribing! :)\nMake sure to read the description of this video!\n\nYou should probably be 20+ before traveling alone and you also need to have a mature personality and a large amount of common sense. There are real dangers in the world, and young solo travelers may be targeted. So please be safe. Adding this additional warning because a 15 year old saw this video and asked me if he should go solo-traveling. I said no, you definitely are too young! haha.\n\nMy 27 year old friend was traveling a couple months ago got mugged. And another friend who is 21 traveled last year and got his phone stolen. So be careful out there! Criminals target tourists!\n\nResearch where you will be! You should be fine, but you never know! Especially for solo female travelers, be really intelligent and don't trust anyone!\n\nThat said, I don't want to scare you! If you're smart and have common sense, traveling in most countries (do your research on safety) is quite safe and traveling is one of the best experiences you can possibly have!

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