Ways to get free accommodations (and compensated jobs) on motorboats

Some sailboat proprietors pay the bills by opening their floating the place to find charter visitors. With respect to the arrangement, the visitors may be having to pay to have an all-inclusive fully-catered sailing holiday where they’ve absolutely nothing to do but benefit from the view. Within this situation, the captain might require a numberOrperson hostingOrprepare. This individual would result in taking proper care of guest needs including meal planning and shopping, cooking, and cleaning through the week. With respect to the charter, meals could be multi-course matters with appetizer platters and drinks offered with the mid-day. It certainly is best to clarify the charter’s exact needs to make sure you can fill them before you are all stuck on the boat together and realize you are in over your mind (as they say).

I’d an opportunity to hostess a really small informal charter with the British Virgin Islands. I enjoyed reading this experience, that we found through person to person (the sailing community is extremely small, and when you are on a single boat, it’s not hard to meet other captains). After I wasn’t cooking or maintaining your place tidy, I had been swimming and snorkeling using the visitors on the different island every day!


After I is at St. Martin, the sheer prevalence of mega-yachts within the lagoon was overwhelming. And every yacht requires a crew to help keep the boat — and also the visitors — in top condition.

Unless of course you are being hired for any boat-specific skill (like captain or engineer), focus on mega-yachts is usually easy but burdensome. It’s similar to employed by expensive hotels, with many different cleaning, polishing, and pandering to guests’ needs. The hrs are frequently lengthy, and from what I have heard, it’s really a tough slog when you are around the wrong boat. But when you are enthusiastic about the maritime existence, it could be useful. I have met individuals who love focusing on yachts, although they’ll admit it sometimes requires a couple of motorboats to obtain the right fit.

How to locate Compensated Jobs on Motorboats

Most of the sites in the above list have sources and sections for compensated jobs on motorboats. But perform a simple look for “how to obtain a job on the mega-yacht,” and you will get pages of solutions, including sites such as these:

  • Yacht Loop
  • Super Yacht Jobs

Warning to Novice Seafarers

Whether you are hitching a trip on the sailboat, focusing on a mega-yacht, or taking on a situation on the smaller sized boat, a couple of words of caution are essential, and even though this is directed largely at women, it is good for everyone to think about.

When you’re on the boat, you live in a really small space, largely subject to the captain. There’s no escape should there be tension, whether you are caught in the center of a household fight or — even worse — if your drunk captain seems like getting frisky or violent.

There are plenty of dudes who’ve packed as much as survive their motorboats full-time, and they might immaterial much better than to possess a partner to get it done with. So be familiar with captains who’re also searching for love when they are searching for crew miscommunications can occur.

Thus, it is important for the captain and prospective passenger/crew to get at know each other in advance (a minimum of through Skype and email) and to be really forthright about expectations.

In no way are boat proprietors such as this I met a lot of amazing individuals the cruising world — individuals who I still keep active in and who’ve offered up a cabin on their own boat whenever. The boating community is an extremely small one, therefore the bad seeds have a tendency to get bad reputations before lengthy.

The Cruising Existence

A few of the a few things i loved concerning the cruising existence are how interpersonal it’s, how easy it’s to satisfy people, how mobile it’s (duh!), and just how lovely it’s to visit a dingy and revel in “happy hour” on shore, meeting other like-minded individuals from around the globe.

Personally i think like I have in some way performed a coup by getting found free accommodations (or even a compensated gig) to reside on sailboats through the Caribbean for 2 several weeks. Pinch me!

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How to Get Free Accommodations (and Paid Jobs) on Boats

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