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Ways to get Free Accommodation All over the world – second Edition has become available!

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Volunteering in a retreat center in Nz? Check!

Ever wondered the way i were able to travel full-some time and remain in a lot of awesome places?

Hint: I am not wealthy. (Not even close to it). 

Wherever you go, you will find free accommodation possibilities. Would you like to sample local existence by remaining free of charge within the following places:

  • A bluestone cottage on 300 hectares of property within the Australian countryside
  • A forgotten village in The country
  • A classy house within the Beaches section of Toronto
  • A ferro cement yurt on the Hawaii cliffside (it had been fundamental, but eclectic)
  • A rental property resort property around the Caribbean island of Grenada
  • A 49 feet sailing boat within the Caribbean
  • A Swiss all downhill cottage and 4-floor home in Zurich
  • A palatial house in Panama

This doesn’t count people and families I’ve remained with – free of charge – in Canada, USA, The country, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Nz, England, Scotland, France, and lots of, a lot more countries.

Additionally to saving cash, they are a lot more culturally enriching encounters than having to pay in which to stay an impersonal hotel or hostel, and battling to obtain a true sense of the neighborhood culture.

Within my first six many years of my full-time travel, I saved over $63,000 in accommodation expenses – and that i can educate you the way to complete exactly the same.

Using these savings, you are able to turn your travel dreams right into a financially sustainable full-time lifestyle (when i did), or you can just have a great vacation, and spend the cash it will save you on more thrilling things than accommodation.


Need to know How to get it done?

Fancy remaining inside a decked-out Swiss all downhill cottage for that summer time? Had the experience, done that!

You’ve come right place.

Ways to get Free Accommodation All over the world, second Edition comes complete with sources, tips, anecdotal encounters, and advice according to experience.

These five modalities of free accommodation are each covered at length:



Couch Surfing

Living on Motorboats

Home Exchanges

A few of the things you’ll learn:

  • Multiple sources to locate gigs in each one of the five modalities

  • How you can stick out and land gigs

  • What to anticipate when it comes to workloads and responsibilities

  • How you can stay safe

  • Making certain both sides have a very good experience

  • Strategies for managing an internet business concurrently

Digs & meals inside a historic village in The country for chatting in British? Done!

This e-book is a practical resource ensure you are on the street and enjoying free accommodation, immediately – whether it’s for any week, per month, or perhaps a year – with the aid of my full-time travel experience focusing on free accommodation, since 2007.



Ways to get Free Accommodation All over the world, second Edition

is really a 44-page e-book and charges

$19.99 USD $14.99 USD!

Even though you remain in hostel dormitories, that’s rarely enough to pay for one evening of accommodation. So in purchasing this book, you’re going to get your money’s value immediately – in your next trip – in your first nights free accommodation.

Seriously, folks. It is really an investment that could save you hundreds otherwise 1000s of dollars and can deepen and enrich your travel experience beyond something that money can offer.

It’s a Pdf that’s nice small , simple to download over any speed/quality of web connection. 

And, it’s formatted to become readable on computers, tablets, e-readers, etc. 

How to Get Free Accommodation Book Cover

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What Other Medication Is Saying Relating To This Book 

“Nora may be the uncontested Know-It-All with regards to enjoying significant travel inside a financially sustainable way. It ought to be no real surprise then this eBook is loaded with solid tips that can help anybody find accommodations all over the world free of charge. This can be a very worthy read.”

–Dalene Heck

There isn’t any way around it, if somebody let you know they spent $173 on accommodation for a whole year (yes, really!) I wish to understand what that individual knows. Filled with tips, a lot of sources and enticing pictures, Nora’s book might help anybody achieve greater freedom for traveling the cash they save. She explains the benefits and drawbacks of various housing options all over the world, enhancing the readers to narrow lower where you can focus their powers for his or her own specific travel goals, whether that’s to fully embrace the neighborhood culture or manage an internet business. This is essential reference for just about any traveler.

– Tiffany Soukup

“If you’re traveling now or intend to, look at this book. You will save money. Don’t see clearly if you have gobs of cash you need to spend needlessly on lodging.”

– Josie Schneider

I purchased this book after working 42 several weeks visiting 101 countries spending time split between couch surfing and hostels. I just read it to obtain a broad understanding of volunteering and house sitting for accommodations as I’m thinking about continuing my travels adding individuals methods too. I have to admit that Nora does a fantastic job of explaining the choices. Her scientific studies are very thorough. I have referred into it several occasions. It’s obvious, concise and to the stage around the mechanics of methods for traveling no cost accommodations. But even more than the author’s successful lifestyle redesign helps educate travelers and would-be travelers from the shift in thinking by what travel really means and could be. The truth that slow, affordable or almost free travel really enables you to become a traveler and never a tourist and extremely interact with the folks and also the culture departing you with encounters which are beyond what any tourist package tour could ever deliver with far more money left in the bank. I recommend this e-book for just about any traveler, experienced or simply beginning out.

– Jefre C. Outlaw

Okay, NOW isn’t it time?

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