Travelers in argentina now get a complete vat refund for hotel accommodation

Since The month of january second 2017 worldwide travelers visiting Argentina will get an immediate VAT Refund for his or her hotel and lodging expenses supplying the payment is made by charge card or wire transfer.

The advantages of having to pay digitally is really a serious downside of this latest plan while you can’t make the most of any leftover cash you may have and particularly the Dolar Blue.

Argentina includes a high VAT not to mention it shaves off enough money, especially as this product is designed the way in which it will likely be removed right immediately without getting to cope with anything later in the airport terminal.

The Buenos Aires Tourism Authority includes a little article relating to this online (see here).

By The month of january 2017, worldwide vacationers will get an immediate and automatic reimbursement from the 21% vat (VAT) billed on accommodation in Argentina.

VAT on hotel stays along with other accommodation will instantly be refunded for worldwide visitors who pay having a foreign charge card or via bacs from the foreign bank.

The ellimination of VAT on accommodation charges, coupled with a good exchange rate, make visiting Buenos Aires less expensive.

The brand new VAT rule covers hotel stays along with other types of accommodations, and includes VAT enforced on breakfast services if they’re area of the price of lodging. Other hotel services are excluded and should be billed individually.

The rebate product is open to visitors who are able to prove having a valid passport or identification card they live abroad, and who spend the money for services made having a non-Argentine charge card or via bacs from another country. The operation is completed during the time of billing, without necessity for just about any extra documents following the visit.

Nice it really includes the breakfast expenses too despite the fact that I have to admit unless of course it’s incorporated within the rate or I receive it as being status benefit I rarely have breakfast in a hotel when i contemplate it overpriced for what it’s. It’s usually a method to gauge business travelers on expense accounts because let’s be truthful, what else could you provide or perhaps consume throughout a $45-$50 breakfast?

This whole approach to payment concern is obviously to prevent vacationers exchanging their overseas currency around the underground community after which having to pay their hotels cash. The so known as Dolar Blue is one thing John (who’s a regular customer to Buenos Aires) has discussed extensively previously for example in the following paragraphs.

That being stated should you be in a position to save roughly 40% formerly using the Dolar Blue and you will have a 20% savings by getting the VAT deducted that could be sufficient for many to state they shouldn’t cope with cash exchange and connected risks (despite the fact that John apparently didn’t have a problem).


Based on what hotel you’re remaining at and just what your minute rates are a 20% difference can continue to make a significant difference so I’d most likely rather perform the cash exchange. People for example my parents however likely choose to pay just by charge card instead of coping with the “Cambio, Cambio” exchange hustlers around the Caller Florida to obtain Euro exchanged at favorable rates.

In almost any situation it’s a great campaign to draw in additional tourism and then try to get forex in to the country as Argentina’s economy is constantly on the suffer. It’s still probably the most interesting countries in South Usa to go to for me.


VAT Refund for tourists at the airport


Andrew Miller: Anyone know how this actually works then? Should we all be claiming back VAT on goods purchased in Thailand if we are from the UK? Things like gold, electronic items, clothes etc? Wish someone could explain. Plenty of people seem to know what they are doing.

lifeinthailand: +Andrew Miller The rules are listed here.\nThey don't make it easy, But no surprise there.

Rob Bob's Backyard Farm & Aquaponics: Is 10% here & no refund unless your a business :/

Rob Bob's Backyard Farm & Aquaponics: +lifeinthailand \n:D & I wanted to catch up for an ale :-/

lifeinthailand: That would have been good, Sadly I was not in the country long.

Southpaw Davey urban farm.: If we go shopping in Germany we go to the boarder to get the receipt stamped its 19% so its worth it. Not for food though. We get the refund the next time we go to the shop.

Southpaw Davey urban farm.: I know I went and bought my entire bathroom in Germany for the price of just the shower here including the same shower and got 200 euros back;-)\nThat was a happy day ;-)

lifeinthailand: 200 saved is as good as 200 earned.

David Gregory: I got the impression that you can claim the 7% thai tax refunded but the goods need to be declared when you reach your destination likely you home country. So in the uk you get a 7% refund on the thai price but a 20% vat charge on sale price. 

lifeinthailand: +David Gregory I don't think it works like that, You get your money back before you leave, That is why these places are at the airport. Might be wrong though.