How you can score your initial travel blog sponsorship

This can be a guest publish from Tbsp . member Julie Cruz of Drive around the Left. Views expressed through guest posts don’t always reflect the views of Travel Blog Success. 

Six several weeks ago, a buddy provided these tips: ‘Starting today, you have to stop having to pay for the travel.’

I sitting in shocked silence. My blog was clearly amateurish, and that’s generous. I produced the header for that site the very first time I ever opened up Illustrator. As I formally were built with a Twitter and facebook take into account your blog, I’d never really used them. Until that time, your blog have been the way in which my spouse and i shared tales with this families and buddies home in the usa, basically we resided our expat existence working in london.

I understood that other blogs were taking advantage of the company side of travel. But individuals blogs were clearly operated by tech geniuses, who have been photography lovers quietly, were trained as journalists, coupled with best buddies which were the CEOs of National Geographic and Smart Travels.

How else could business apparently materialize from the one-man show run from the laptop in Thailand?

However that advice…

It tied to me. My pal is surely a prominent blogger, and she or he was sure that despite my ugly website and dependable following of fifty people, we’re able to start generating sponsors and travel perks immediately. And she or he explained how to get it done.

My spouse and i were built with a weekend trip planned to Amsterdam, six days later on. We’d booked our flights, however that could it have been. Having a couple of simple tips and methods, we could land three different partners for that trip, which covered our lodging, transportation, and sightseeing.

Here’s the way we scored our first travel blog sponsorship…

blogger Amsterdam

Step One: Google ‘all opinions are my own’ ‘Amsterdam’ ‘blog’

Travel bloggers typically credit sponsors and partners with a few form of the statement, ‘Thanks to Hotel xx for supporting me on my small trip to Amsterdam. Of course, all opinions are my very own.’

Should you lookup this phrase via a simple online search, you’ll pull-up blogs using their company authors who’ve remained inside a specific hotel or took part in a particular activity. More to the point, additionally you realize that this property or company has labored with bloggers before and it is available to it. Information.

Step Two: Lookup each company and look for contacts

After you have a summary of qualities and firms which have labored with bloggers before, browse around each website to locate a PR or Marketing hr person. These folks typically manage blogger relationships.

Should you can’t find any individual’s name, donrrrt worry. Just discover the general Contact@ or Info@ email.

(Bonus tip: If you are really persistent, visit LinkedIn and check for people, utilizing a search like, ‘Hotel x Marketing’ or ‘Hotel x PR.’ After you have a reputation, return to your accommodation website and check out and determine the e-mail naming plan for the organization, for instance

Drive on the Left blog

Step Three: Email every single property

For the visit to Amsterdam, I emailed roughly 20 companies. It was mainly hotels (about 15), and also the rest were canal cruiselines and also the city marketing association, which according to my research, partners `with bloggers frequently.

The information of the email will be based heavily in your level of experience and credentials. Within my situation, our blog didn’t have impressive statistics, and so i didn’t mention them whatsoever. Rather, I incorporated a sentence about our professional backgrounds (marketing and hospitality management). I additionally briefly described our website, and who we’re. We didn’t possess a media package or any supporting documentation, so again, I simply didn’t include it.

This is actually the email entirely which i delivered to every company on the list:


I’m conntacting you about my approaching trip to Amsterdam. My spouse and i are American expats residing in London, so we document our European encounters on the blog,  We love to to focus on the simplicity of travel around Europe for visitors and expats alike, and our audience relies mainly within the Americas and Europe.  

For the approaching weekend in Amsterdam, we intend to document, via articles and photography, the best way to see the town very quickly.  Given our professional backgrounds (I’m a marketing research executive and my hubby has developed in the hospitality niche for 10+ years), we love to to pay attention to cultural highlights, hotels and restaurants.  

With all this project, I’m contacting find out if you provide support to bloggers. Our visit may be the weekend from the 30th of The month of january 2015.  Thanks ahead of time for the consideration.

Best wishes,

Julie Cruz



A couple of notes about my word choices. My blogger friend who began this complete factor explained to make use of the particular phrase, ‘provide support to bloggers.’ This enables the organization to provide up the things they will (a press rate, free entrance, etc.) but it’s intentionally vague.

Also, observe that I did not include my Twitter feed. We weren’t really using Twitter at that time, and that i didn’t wish to highlight it, so again, I simply left them back. With this email, I did not possess a hr person, however when I found someone, I’d lead using their name (‘Dear Ms. Koenig’).

You’ll also observe that I gave an idea by what i was intending to talk about (how you can see Amsterdam very quickly). I’ve discovered that a particular focus has a tendency to improve results, and also the focused the work is, the greater the response rate.


Step Four: Watch for responses

Persistence is really a virtue with regards to email. Within the situation in our Amsterdam trip, any replies we received came within three working days. We sent your email early in the industry week (Monday/Tuesday) to match a few days of responses without reaching the weekend. We’ve had the worst response rate with emails sent on Friday.

With this project, we heard away from 5 hotels, iamsterdam (city marketing), and something canal cruise company.

Step Five: Follow-up/Confirmation

The responses we received were varied. Two hotels requested to learn more about our website traffic, and when we informed them in our meager statistics, these were no more thinking about hosting us. Another two hotels offered us press rates. Your final hotel offered us free accommodation immediately. Interestingly, this hotel was small , new, plus they were particularly searching for partnerships with blogs to improve awareness without lots of out-of-pocket expense.

Iamsterdam offered free trains and buses and entrance into all the major museums i was wishing to go to. The canal cruise company offered a totally free cruise.

No companies we labored with requested for just about any specific output from your trip. We proactively assured them that people would credit them within our posts and gave them a time period when ever we’d be covering the visit. However this wasn’t formally requested – i was just eager to appear as passionate and professional.


Step Six: Publish-partnership Etiquette

We adopted track of our partner companies a couple of ways within the the following month. Basically we were in Amsterdam, we Tweeted and printed Facebook posts that incorporated a shout-out or more to the partners. It was fun for all of us, also it was nice to determine the businesses liking and discussing our comments using their audiences.

As we had came back, we authored follow-up emails to all of our partners, thanking them again for his or her support and reminding them whenever we could be covering the trip.

Finally, upon publishing actual content, we tagged and from the companies on the social networking platforms, and sent the ultimate backlinks towards the companies. We’ve had the ability to use a few of the quotes in the email responses in testimonials on the now vastly improved website as well as in our media package.

The little, new hotel which i pointed out earlier has since arrived at out again, asking us to give a testimonial for his or her new website, which i was pleased to do. We still talk to on them Twitter, and I know they’d gladly work with us again when we return.

And that’s that. Simple, although not easy.

This method ‘s time intensive and could be thankless, but it’s thrilling and affirming to get that first positive response.

Since The month of january, we’ve used similar strategies to plan three other journeys. We’ve had some degree of success with every endeavor, however it has varied. The primary takeaway is the fact that we never might have had any degree of success had we not put ourselves available and positively searched for sponsorships.

Before you decide to ask, we’re not traveling 100% free of charge, and I am not sure we have ever will. We’re still testing the waters and learning once we go. Which jogs my memory – I’ve some hotels in Romania to email.

Require more help? Take a look at Travel Blog Success’ Bloggers, Brands, and Tourism Boards course, including expert consultancy from PR professionals, supplying a unique perspective in the other side.


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