9 essential travel apps and websites for accommodation

Finally! Wanderust worries minimized by tech-savy teams.

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1. Tingo.com

 Automatically get a refund when the cost of the accommodation drops. Thanks Smart Traveler Media! (a subsidiary of TripAdvisor).

2. A win – win for travelers: RoomerTravel.com

RoomerTravel enables you to definitely book hotel reservations from those who have to cancel their trip. Additionally, it enables you to definitely sell expensive hotels reservation you cannot use any longer.

3. Go ahead, be spontaneous…

ReallyLateBooking.com has additionally released a mobile application that allows you to book for tonight.

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4. Something for that shackers…

HotelTonight.com is really a free mobile application which enables you to definitely book as late as 2 am with 24/7 real customer care.

5. Up and coming: TheSuitest.com

TheSuitest.com is “A Trendy Hotel Intelligence Engine” still in Beta, but rapidly gaining attention because of its information on amenities. Presented within an easy, organized manner, TheSuitest enables you to truly compare hotels without getting to find information about their websites in separate tabs.

6. Ballin’ on a tight budget?

Hostel Hero mobile application may be the new Hostel World. Both are ideal for the rear-packer or budget traveler.

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7. AirBnB.com updated its mobile application this December.

This is actually the happy medium between hostels and hotels because it showcases chic travel apartments.

8. HotelsCombined.com

Compares rates for various booking platforms. It’s the accommodation same as Kayak and Skyscanner.

9. Free Stay? Or just to satisfy locals, check out CouchSurfing.org.

You’ve heard the hype and therefore are reluctant to test it? I wouldn’t recommend it basically hadn’t trained with a try (and I’m semi-high-maintenance, female, 20 Something, and from La). TC mark

Resourse: http://thoughtcatalog.com/stephanie-be/2014/01/9-essential-travel-apps-and-websites-for-accommodation/



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