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Housing - migrant information center Based on the rules assistance

Around the issue of housing for asylum seekers, there’s no specific referral system for housing. Based on the Refugee Law (No.6 (I) 2000), asylum seekers have the authority to reside legally and freely within the Republic of Cyprus.

In Cyprus, there’s just one Reception Center for asylum seekers, found at Kofinou. Her capacity of roughly 400 people which is created for temporary accommodation up to the asylum seeker finds a far more appropriate and appropriate place. The utmost remain in the middle is roughly as much as three several weeks. If your resident’s application for asylum is not completed inside the designated duration of the utmost stay the Social Welfare Services is accountable to help the applicants with alternative housing plans.

Housing - migrant information center In addition, the Asylum Service

In addition, the Asylum Service, which accounts for the operation and supervision from the Center, has made the decision that potential residents is going to be known the middle based on vulnerability priority for example families with youthful children, single women or women with children. The help offered by the Reception Center include provision of free meals, free shuttle services, and kids of households who’re located within the Center possess the chance to go to school close to the Center. Finally, people remaining in the Center receive a tiny bit of money for private expenses. Based on the rules assistance on housing depends upon the look at the amount of sources the asylum seeker processes.

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Housing - migrant information center women or women with children

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