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Unaccompanied minor service

American Airlines and American Eagle’s unaccompanied minor service enables children in a few conditions to visit alone on the flights.

Guidelines for the unaccompanied minor service:

  • Children five years and older may travel on American Airlines or American Bald eagle on non-stop or same-plane flights.
  • Children should be 8-14 years of age to visit itineraries requiring an association on American Airlines or American Bald eagle, connecting flights should be with the following airports: CLT, DCA, DFW, JFK, Poor, LGA, MIA, ORD, PHL, PHX.
  • Children 15-17 years of age are thought youthful adults and aren’t needed to make use of the unaccompanied minor service. However, the unaccompanied minor services are at hand upon request and underneath the same provisions.
  • American Airlines and American Bald eagle don’t accept unaccompanied children (UMNR) when their itinerary features a link withOrfrom another air travel, including codeshare and oneworld® partners.
  • Electric power charge is assessed for supplying unaccompanied minor service.

When taking your son or daughter’s reservation, we’ll request telephone figures for moms and dads or guardians. At check-in, additionally, you will be requested to supply names, addresses, and home and office phone figures for your party meeting your son or daughter. This post is utilized in identifying the party meeting your son or daughter upon arrival, and it’ll assist us in contacting you if required. We advise checking at the begining of in the airport terminal to actually have sufficient time for you to complete the needed documents and pre-board your son or daughter.

The welfare of unaccompanied minors is really a matter we take seriously. Ahead of time or upon check-in, if there’s possible that the child’s flight may be delayed or misconnect unconditionally, we might improve your child’s flight schedule, such as the departure date.

An airport terminal representative will help your son or daughter in the connecting city, escort your son or daughter to their next flight, and deliver your son or daughter towards the person meeting her or him in the destination airport terminal. We don’t accept reservations to have an unaccompanied child if this means their connecting flight will be the last flight during the day.

Additional information on our unaccompanied minor service can be found from Reservations.

Useful suggestions:

  • You need to stick with your son or daughter until she or he boards the aircraft and turn into in the airport terminal before the flight leaves the gate
  • Provide your son or daughter by having an extra copy of their contact phone figures
  • Before you go to the airport terminal, explain what’s going to happen throughout the child’s trip and inform them what to anticipate this might include teaching her or him about airplanes, sounds, connecting flights, etc.
  • Provide your son or daughter with books, food or any other products which will help entertain her or him throughout the trip
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  • Tell us if it’s your son or daughter’s first flight to ensure that, if time permits, we are able to give her / him some extra attention

Customers with disabilities

American Airlines and American Bald eagle try to provide passengers with disabilities dignified, professional, and respectful service whatsoever occasions. There exists a group of employees who regularly talk to disability advisory groups about how we are able to improve air travel ease of access and the caliber of our service.

Reservations special assistance coordinators

American Airlines and American Bald eagle Reservations Offices conserve a staff of Special Assistance Coordinators (SACs) whose function would be to make pre-travel plans for the customers with disabilities. They’ve been particularly trained to utilize customers who’ve self-recognized as getting an impairment and therefore are requesting special assistance. Additionally, they’ve been trained as Complaint Resolution Officials to effectively resolve any disability complaints.

The Reservations representative who reacts to the client’s initial call passes pertinent information to some SAC. They’ll then personally contact the client to set up their special needs and supply a toll-free number for follow-up questions. This post is conveyed to Airport terminal and Flight Services personnel to make sure all American staff is notified and eager to satisfy the client’s request.

Pre-reserved seats

American Airlines and American Bald eagle block a restricted quantity of seats on every aircraft to support customers who identify themselves as getting a professional disability. Adjacent seats are supplied, under certain conditions, for purchasers with disabilities who must travel having a companion for help.

Carry-on assistive devices

Canes, crutches and walkers able to be collapsed sufficiently small to suit into approved overhead and under seat stowage areas don’t count toward your carry-on baggage item limit. They ought to be sufficiently small to become stowed in this manner as to not protrude into any seating row space on the floor or primary aisle. Products for example seat cushions, removable control boxes, armrests or footrests can also be transported aboard along with you.

Electronic medical assistive devices for example CPAP machines, respirators, ventilators which use non-spillable batteries might be recognized within the cabin with an individual basis as long as they meet certain safety testing standards.


American Airlines and American Bald eagle accept motorized and non-motorized assistive devices for transport. When needed, we’ll disassemble and reassemble wheelchairs or assistive devices for purchasers once they travel. American Airlines and American Bald eagle provide storage for just one passenger’s collapsible, manual motorized wheel chair within the cabin of every aircraft. This particular service can be obtained on the first-come, first-offered basis and it has priority over carryon baggage owned by some other clients who board in the same city, provided the client follows the pre-boarding procedure. In-cabin stowage space for assistive devices can’t be pre-reserved, but American Airlines and American Bald eagle accept carryon wheelchairs, as long as they collapse to slot in an overhead bin or within seat.

Non-collapsible wheelchairs/scooters are recognized as checked baggage. These products could be checked in the primary ticket counter or even the departure gate. American Airlines and American Bald eagle provide a special motorized wheel chair service that enables you to definitely look at your motorized wheel chair in the departure gate and claim it at the arrival gate totally free. Even though you can decide to claim your chair in the connecting city, it is recommended that the chair be looked into right through to the ultimate destination. The extra time needed to assert and recheck your chair in the connecting city may compromise what you can do to create your connection. American Airlines and American Bald eagle have wheelchairs and our representatives provide motorized wheel chair service at connecting airports. Please tell us you’ll need this assistance when creating your reservation.

Assistive devices approved for cabin transport don’t count toward the combined quantity of checked and carryon baggage a passenger is permitted totally free, nor will they count toward the limit on carryon products you might cause board.

Boarding assistance

For those who have special needs, upon request, pre-boarding assistance is going to be presented to you, enabling you the chance to become sitting down just before general boarding. A unique aisle chair can be obtained to help you if you’re not able just to walk, and every one of our jet aircraft are outfitted with specifically designed seats which include moveable aisle armrests to make seating simpler.

Medical oxygen

Customers requiring inflight medical oxygen could use only FAA-approved portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) during all phases from the flight. A 48-hour advance notice is needed to accomplish medical documents and to make sure that an sufficient way to obtain fully-billed batteries can be obtained to power the unit. Please contact Reservations at 1-800-433-7300 to set up for help.

FAA approved POC:


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