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Help Stay

Help Stay

Help Stay is really a site that is about connecting hosts with worldwide helpers. Even though it is much more of the work exchange, for a lot of it might count as free volunteer work abroad. They have a diverse range of hosts searching for helpers in locations that which include both expected and customary but the strange and obscure.

A few of the hosts within their database include farms, households, art retreats, eco-villages, backpacker hostels, surf lodges, vineyards, ranches, schools, monasteries, kibbutzim, and much more. The agreement is that this: dedicate a couple of hrs each day helping the hosts, and they’ll provide you with food and accommodation (along with a once in a while lifetime cultural exchange) in exchange.

The only real fee you’d pay is 30 Euros for just one year of person membership, or 50 Euros for just one year of the dual membership (whether couple, two buddies, or perhaps a family). These costs are susceptible to change, obviously, so make sure to check online which are more up-to-date charges. You will find frequently reduced prices for registering, too.

After you have compensated this fee, the web site is opened up your decision completely. You’ll have the entire listings of hosts all all over the world, and you may view their choices and descriptions. You won’t need to pay anymore to become placed with someone in the future, the agreement is just between both you and your host.

The good thing about this site is it is only a database – the business itself won’t be organizing anything for you personally, nor can they book your flights, collect you in the airport terminal, or baby you whatsoever. For this reason they don’t ask you for for your placement – which is also why you’ll have complete freedom to organize your free volunteering abroad any way you like.



WWOOF, an interesting acronym that means “World Wide Possibilities on organic Farms,” may be the pioneer from the work exchange world. So far as anybody knows, it’s the original and also the most extensive program available for individuals searching to complete work exchange programs. It can make for a  fantastic option to free volunteering abroad.

WWOOF is really generally known round the backpacking crowd and also the work exchangers round the world that, in a few countries and communities, people carrying out a work exchange are simply known as “wwoofers,” even if they’re dealing with another work exchange organization. Quite simply, WWOOF would be to work exchange as “Kleenex” would be to tissues, or “Frisbees” will be to flying dvds.

Even if you very first time on WWOOF’s website, you can observe how professional and clean the whole organization looks. That being stated, case the overall website for that entire organization. Whenever you register and obtain into you, you will have to use the nation-specific website – and individuals may differ from country to country.

Just like any websites that simply offer databases free of charge volunteering possibilities abroad, your knowledge about WWOOF is completely up to you. You are able to choose which hosts to make contact withThat countries to go to, and just how lengthy you want to stay.

The primary factor to keep in mind with WWOOF, however, is always that we have an focus on organic farming – so if that’s something are thinking about, then it’s perfect.

Furthermore, because every country has their very own website, you have to purchase another membership for every country you want to perform a free volunteer abroad enter in – if you are intending to backpacking from nation to nation inside a relatively short period of time, this really is possibly and not the best web site to use.

If you’re just likely to be in a single country, however, then WWOOF is a superb choice. It always doesn’t are more expensive than about 30 $ $ $ $ for just one twelve month of membership, and sometimes couples’ membership options can also be found.



Unlike many other free abroad volunteer programs, MovingWorlds won’t send just anybody for their placement countries. Actually, they’re searching just for a particular kind of person: experts. They notice that true help originates from individuals who really understand what they’re doing.

These folks (pros who do free volunteer work abroad) are known as “experteers.” These experteers are already outfitted with specific skills that can make the greatest positive impact possible within their destination.

If you’re skilled in some manner, you’re in luck: you choose your timing, location, and time period of the experteering trip. You are able to filter your searches based on country, by skill, or by cause (just what that experteer trip could be supporting).

Each project listed includes the particular benefits – for instance, some include provided accommodation, meals stipend, or both should you’re lucky. You are able to therefore rapidly and simply see which projects may well be a good fit for you personally.

Fortunately, you are able to essentially turn any professional experience you’ve right into a skill to have an experteering program. The good thing about it is it not just helps the destination and organization you’re employed by, it gives you a method to build up your own skills professionally. Should you’re searching for that next best factor for an internship abroad, here it is.

Membership is much more costly for MovingWorlds than for that previous organizations: for the standard membership, it is $125 (US dollars) for 2 many years of as being a full-access member. Including an limitless quantity of introductions to any or all the possibilities available in addition to personal support from the organization itself.

A “membership PLUS” account would come with additional support. That one costs $300, but it’s certainly worthwhile should you aren’t comfortable being completely by yourself for any project such as this, or if it’s the first experience abroad.

If you buy this membership option, you’ll have better specific possibilities (i.e. a particular skillset, a specific region of the country, or perhaps a specific time). This membership also enables you to definitely do projects like a family or perhaps a couple, in order to plan in excess of one experteer experience on a single trip. Should you’re unhappy using the service, there’s a money-back guarantee.




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Tipsylou: As an avid hitchhiker who has travelled across Europe and America by that means alone, I can say that it is possibly the greatest money saver as well as opener to experiences when it comes to travel. It is an ultimate freedom. But it CAN be dangerous for women in particular. I've probably been in over 200 strangers cars, and 2 of those were bad experiences. So whilst the odds of having a negative experience is REALLY low, all it takes is 1 dangerous experience to put an end to everything. Fortunately my 2 weren't THAT bad and I was able to weasel out of the car, but they could've easily taken a turn for the worse.\nIt's safer than people think, but I wouldn't advise it either, just share my experience.\n\nSome tips if you are adamant on trying hitchhiking:\nDress boyish, if you're a girl. Even go as far as to fool oncoming cars into thinking you're male. It'll be harder to get rides but at least you know that none of those cars are pulling over with bad (sexual) intention.\nAlways be talkative and confident in a car. Confidence is key. Don't victimise yourself.\nGive oncoming cars loads of space to both see you and to stop. It can make the biggest difference.\nNever hitchhike at night or in late evening.\nAlways keep your bag at arms distance incase you have to make a break for it.\nAlways carry valuables on your person rather than your bag. Also, a knife.\nIf someone pulls up to you and you don't like the look of them, don't feel like you should get in. Ask them for directions instead. They'll be pissed that you made them stop but at least you won't be in a confined space with them.

Destrobius: + Tipsylou wrote : "The first was a situation where I got into a van with two men who tried to sexually assault me. This was during the start of my travelling when I was very naive and I didn't see the red flags."\n\nHow did you get yourself out of that first scenario with the two man who tried to sexually assault you? Were they just not as aggressive with it as they could have been and you managed to talk your way out of it? or did you have to fight them off as you escaped somehow? Either way, sounds like you lucked out on that one.

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