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Free accommodation

It can save you 1000s of dollars on accommodation costs by housesitting all over the world. Numerous websites for example House Sitters America, Mind The House, Reliable Housesitter, or Nomador list possibilities. You are able to register like a housesitter for a small fee varying from $20 to $90 with respect to the site and begin browsing offers. You job calls for keeping track of the home and, frequently, pets while their proprietors are away. Housesits may last from the couple of days to many several weeks.

2. House-swapping

Free accommodation

A great method to begin to see the world at a lower price should you possess a house. You are able to trade your dwellings with someone inside a destination that you would like to go to. With lots of trustworthy website organizing house swaps, you’re spoilt for choice: Worldwide Retirement Home Exchange, Intervac, Homelink, and Love Home Swap. All websites charge users a charge varying from $120 to $375 to list out and check for houses. You may choose a synchronised exchange remaining inside your exchange-partner’s home when they remain in yours, remain at a house-swapper’s retirement home on the non-synchronised exchange or perhaps be a guest while your hosts are in the home.

3. Bartering skills and goods

Free accommodation

Almost a 1000 B&Bs in Italia for auction on are pleased to supply free rooms and breakfast in return for translations, assist with social networking or house repairs, belly-dancing lessons…or whatever skill you need to exchange. Each B&B online includes a wish list that you could determine if there’s something that you can do in return for hospitality. The disposable stays can be found during low season and vary long. Never be shy. Contact the proprietors from the B&Bs that you want to determine whether or not they are curious about your barter offer.

4. Volunteering

Free accommodation

Should you not mind moving your sleeves to earn your keep, this method is perfect for you. I spent three days in Toscana volunteering in an organic farm through WOOOF and loved it. The region near Pisa where I remained was too costly to book, and so i helped in the farm with weeding and tree-pruning four hrs each day in return for full room and board. HelpX lists farms, homestays, B&Bs, and hostels around the globe who’re searching for volunteers to assist them to by helping cover their various jobs for brief-term accommodation and food. Hovos is yet another site that connects volunteers with hosts who require a helping hands within their garden, hostel, or in the farm. The web site charges a little membership fee, $20-25 whenever you register.

5. Travel writing

Free accommodation


If you’re writing a blog, you’ve got a good possibility to find free accommodation in return for posts. A great deal larger resorts and hotels don’t be put off by a totally free promotion on the internet. Your site doesn’t require a countless number of visitors to secure free accommodation. Even though you possess a small but strong, active, niche audience, you are able to contact hosts and provide an exchange. Small B&Bs and guesthouses in The country, Italia, France and lots of other nations will always be happy to obtain a mention from your American or Canadian blogger.

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SOLO TRAVEL TIPS: How to find free & cheap accommodations!


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