15 things hotels give visitors free of charge

Free parking. It is really an more and more difficult perk to find at hotels in big cities. Priceline switched up 33,731 locations with free parking, however in my travels, I’ve been finding even hotels in smaller sized metropolitan areas are searching to profit from your ride. At roadside and suburban hotels, parking is nearly always free. At hotels which do charge, try asking the leading desk to waive the parking fee. Who knows.

Free pens and notepads. Never leave either alone within my presence for just one second. I’m a serial snatcher of pens, pencils with awesome logos in it, and notepads of any sort. These go straight into my pocket or luggage. Both always prove useful throughout the house.

Free room upgrade. I must admit, I learned that one from the recent Kiplinger story – and effectively deployed this plan on the recent spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway. Be very polite towards the person checking you in. Inquire if you might have a totally free room upgrade. After I smiled nicely and requested, the clerk checked together with her manager. I was switched to some room on the greater floor with a far greater view compared to room i was initially booked in in an Alexandria, Veterans administration., hotel.

Free shoeshine and sewing kits. When it’s finally time for you to place a shine in your kicks, there’s nothing beats grabbing that free shoeshine package you have in the hotel. Ditto having a sewing package. My sewing skills have grown to be rusty recently – It’s my job to just have them whenever a button gets lost – however i have a friend who’s excellent at sewing. I’m able to help by retrieving the disposable package we’ve got in the hotel.

Free toiletries. The soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner you discover within the hotel bathroom are yours to take. A phone call towards the front desk may also score you a number of other grooming supplies together with a toothbrush, tooth paste, razor and shaving cream. Kimpton Hotels may even send up dental floss, deodorant, mouthwash and hairspray totally free.

Free Wi-Fi. A Priceline.com search found 334,758 hotels worldwide that provide free Access to the internet. Realize that some hotels, though, will attempt to gouge you. Should you can’t obtain a wireless signal inside your room free of charge, try the hotel’s lobby or business center, where Wi-Fi is frequently gratis for visitors. Free Wi-Fi may also be a perk of joining a hotel’s loyalty program. If everything else fails, request free access when checking in. Hey, it can’t hurt.

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10 Odd Things Hotel Maids Have Found In Rooms


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