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Hospitality Tips

So how exactly does expensive hotels become infested with bedbugs?

  • Oftentimes, guest carry bedbug into hotels not understanding. Bedbugs are transported by infested luggage, clothing, blankets and pillows.
  • Hotels, bed and breakfasts, etc. have high turnover rates, growing the vulnerability to invasion.
  • No hotel is safe from a bedbug invasion.

The way a hotel should respond whenever a guest complains about bedbugs:

  • The Department of Health insurance and Mental Hygiene suggest hotels hire bug control professional who’s licensed to do inspections and rapidly address infestations once they occur.

How to proceed whenever a bedbug complaint is received:

  • Inspect the guest’s room, luggage and clothing. It’s also vital that you inspect adjoin rooms, the infested accommodation and when the guest was moved, towards the new room.
  • Wash all bedding, curtains, rugs, towels, and bathrobes within the hottest water and dried around the hottest suggested cycle to kill all stages of bedbugs.
  • Scrub bed mattress steam having a stiff brush to get rid of bedbugs as well as their eggs. Then have a HEPA vacuum and vacuum the bed mattress, bedframe, furniture, floor and carpet. Pay special focus on cracks and spaces. Remember, to throw vacuum bags within an outdoors receptacle, to prevent bedbugs from crawling out.
  • Place infested mattresses or box springs in special bedbug bed mattress covers.
  • Take all infested products and discard to avoid further invasion.
  • Repair cracks in plaster, loose wallpaper or broken furniture with caulking material.
  • Reinspect the area, upon guest vacancy and regularly to make sure that bedbugs have left.

How do i keep your hotel’s furniture from distributing invasion?

  • Never re-sell or donate infested bedbug furniture. This can only spread the epidemic.
  • When tossing away infested mattresses, box springs, or any other products:
  • Cut holes or damage the products, so that they can’t be reused.
  • Seal products inside a large plastic bag to avoid distributing of bedbugs or eggs during transport


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