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How to Make Your Own Tufted Headboard


Cynthia Hall: Best one I have seen so far! Definitely doing it this way!

Rene Thundress: Cynthia Hall definitely. it's. best method yet and I've watched all d videos

Tab & Dame Show: Yes

Anna D Kart: This is by far the best tutorial out there! Honestly, I love the fact that there is no drilling involved ha! \nBEAUTIFUL headboard. and thank you for the tip that it doesn't have to be soo tight because I always thought it has to be super tight to for upholstered look \nAgain, great job

Checking In With Chelsea: Thank you Anna!

Kgalalelo Ralefatsane: you guy just saved me some money\nI am definitely gona do that.

Desiree Marie: Wowww this is my FAVORITE tutorial on the tufted method. I cant wait to try on my own!

Jessica Corbett: What size did you cut the ply wood?

Nabia Siddique: I think it depends on the size of the bed

buutifuleyes: Congratulations ladies job well done! Revamping your room is a very good feeling. Tfs…if I purchase a upholstered headboard and would like it to be tufted…can I do the measuring and buttons process you showed in this diy?