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We’re honored to become stewards of the wonderful homestead, steeped ever and nestled in the middle of Bath County’s rugged Allegheny Mountain tops.

While you slip from your daily schedule making the ultimate turn to the simple gravel road that descends into Hidden Valley Entertainment Area, we encourage you to definitely breathe deeply and start your transition towards the relaxed pace and warm hospitality that await. Actually, you will have your breath removed while you leave the canopied forest and first set sight on the circa-1840’s plantation homestead. Nestled between your pristine waters from the Jackson River and also the moving contours from the Allegheny Mountain tops, Hidden Valley Bed and Breakfast increases majestically from the valley floor and sits on 8,000 acres of George Washington National Forest land featuring river, mountain and pastoral landscapes that induce a really inspirational atmosphere for the retreat.

“We’ve never been very well-given and relaxed within our lives! You possess an absolutely fantastic hideaway at Hidden Valley B&B. Thank you for discussing your house around!Inches

-Rita Selman

Warwickton graces both Condition of Virginia and National Register of Historic Places and initially offered like a family plantation with roots within the 1700’s. In 1848, James Forest Warwick built the magnificent 6,000 sq . ft . brick mansion that hosts Hidden Valley Bed and Breakfast today. We still recognition James Warwick’s legacy and therefore are very happy to call Warwickton the house. Most significantly, we’re excited to talk about everything Hidden Valley B&B offers along with you!

In the middle of the renovation, Warwickton was changed into the looking for the film Sommersby, starring Jodie Promote and Richard Gere. The confluence of valley farmland, breathtaking mountain vistas and historic architecture demonstrated to become well suited for Hollywood and created an acclaimed and far-loved classic.

Now a functional “Old McDonald” farm, Hidden Valley B&B attracts visitors from so far as Japan, Germany, Scotland and Norway (so that as close to our very own Bath County). Its idyllic setting and warm, cozy atmosphere perfectly suit the requirements of individuals seeking tranquility, history, romance, entertainment, adventure, or some combination thereof!

We’re glad you’re here. Please take a moment to understand more about our plantation home, Summer time Kitchen and grounds. When you’re prepared to plan your vacation and obtain “off-grid” for any couple of days, call us, or RESERVE ONLINE!

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