Finding affordable rental housing in bay area

Finding affordable rental housing in bay area Middle Earnings Housing Program     


There are millions of affordable rental units in Bay Area built by nonprofit agencies who also manage these structures.  The earnings needs of these units can vary from 20% of Area Median Earnings to 60% of Area Median Earnings. Click here to learn more.

  • Inclusionary Housing

    You will find over 1200 affordable rental units mixed into private structures across Bay Area. Many of these units are usually open to households earning 55% or 60% of Area Median Earnings. Get more information at more details.

  • Middle Earnings Housing Program

    The Center Earnings Rental Program enables property developers a density bonus under Planning Code Section 124(f) when they provide units which are restricted at a maximum of 150% of Condition Median Earnings. MOHCD and also the Planning Department monitor the unit underneath the Inclusionary Procedures Manual.Get more information at more details.

  • Public Housing

    Finding affordable rental housing in bay area rental units     mixed into

    The unit are managed through the Bay Area Housing Authority and therefore are throughout Bay Area.  Check out the San Francisco Housing Authority website or call (415) 554-1200.


    Other Sources

    • Join the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development Housing Email Alert System (click the link)

    • Speak with a Housing Counselor (click the link)

    • Review our San Francisco Housing and Homelessness and Resource Guide (click the link)

    • Review Maximum Earnings Levels by Household Size (click the link)

    Finding affordable rental housing in bay area Get more information at

    San Francisco Affordable Housing Plan Unveiled

    Video COMMENTS:

    101S: Since when in this country has luxury housing needed to be built in order to build affordable housing? After what's happened to San Francisco I'll never vote for another Democrat.

    momochasaobao: Affordable Housing does not work because it is nothing more than tax payer subsidized housing. No one has the "right" to live in a place they cannot afford anymore than a person has the right to drive, eat, or attending schooling if they cannot afford to pay the cost to do so. Affordable Housing supporters simply have an entitlement mindset; I feel I deserve cheap housing and someone else (not me) must pay for my desires.

    Ken Richard: That makes NO SENSE WHAT SO EVER.\nHe seems to be operating out of the hypothesis that if you prevent people from building on sites which currently have some semblance of property on them, be it a house or a business, then…\nYou will be able to create builder demand for lots that have NO housing on them, and somehow or other that is supposed to produce a housing affordability advantage…\nIt really seems that the SF BOS is trying to drive up the costs of empty lots in the City, and to generate speculative interest in them, which would DRIVE UP ANY SUBSEQUENT HOUSING DEVELOPMENT COSTS.\nWe have already witnessed this scheme play out in the agricultural industry, in which speculators jump in ahead of producers, buying up the land and driving up producer costs. \nIt also appears to be a game CLEARLY INTENDED TO LIMIT THE SUPPLY of buildable sites by REMOVING BUILDING SITES FROM THE MARKET, while pulling a political bait and switch by misdirecting the public's attention to empty and vacant lots?