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The Town of Oakland doesn’t provide property or rental locator services. We recommend the next techniques to find affordable housing in Oakland:

  1. Rental assistance and referrals to affordable housingContact Eden I&R (dial 2-1-1) for his or her affordable housing sources, including referral to affordable and subsidized housing and referrals for brief-term rental assistance payments.

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  2. Public housing and Section 8 housing vouchers are managed through the Oakland Housing Authority.
  3. Rental projects already built – see our list of aided housing to locate all affordable housing projects in Oakland. Contact the managers of those units to find out if units can be found so if you’re qualified. Many projects have waiting lists.
  4. Contact commercial and non-profit rental and property agencies. A summary of a few of these agencies is supplied on this website under rental/property listings.
  5. Contact affordable housing developers:

Homes/possession units already built – contact the non-profit developers to ask about the status of homes they’ve already built and offered.

Projects Going ahead – See the listing of Projects Going ahead and phone the developers to find out when possession and rental units is going to be completed so when applications is going to be recognized.

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Affordable housing developer thinks outside the box with Wells Fargo