Affordable housing

Affordable housing Davidson is missing the

The City of Davidson is dedicated to maintaining a financially diverse citizenry and supplying affordable housing possibilities. Davidson’s historic mixture of individuals all earnings levels and ages is prime to the community, so town government will encourage possibilities, services, and infrastructure that permit people of way to live and work here.


  • Application for reasonable Housing
  • Draft Deed Limitations

Earnings Limits

Begin to see the 2015 Earnings Limits for the Affordable Housing program (PDF).

Affordable housing Assessment         

In 2017

2017 Housing Needs Assessment

In 2017, the UNC-Charlotte now Urban Institute produced a Housing Needs Assessment for that Capital of scotland- Davidson. Highlights include:

1. Housing inventory is heavily single-family, owner-occupied. There’s an excuse for more rental units.

2. The populace has greater than tripled within the last twenty five years.

3. There’s a maturing population. Davidson is missing the 20-39 age groups.

4. The populace is more and more affluent and educated. Davidson may be the only town within the county where over half the residents earn greater than $100,000..

5. 5,500 people operate in Davidson. 1 / 2 of the employees earn under $40,000, and couple of workers reside in Davidson.

6. Homes are less affordable. Median sales cost in 2015-16 was $385,000 (Cornelius- $265,000 Huntersville- $250,000)


What is Affordable Housing?


momochasaobao: Affordable Housing does not work because it is nothing more than tax payer subsidized housing. No one has the "right" to live in a place they cannot afford anymore than a person has the right to drive, eat, or attending schooling if they cannot afford to pay the cost to do so. Affordable Housing supporters simply have an entitlement mindset; I feel I deserve cheap housing and someone else (not me) must pay for my desires.

Housing Virginia: Thanks to our friends at VHDA for this boost! Take a look at our new animated video series about affordable housing.

Cara Mia: momochasaobao, \nAre you saying that because I have lived in an income restricted affordable housing that had a parking garage and secured access that I didn't deserve to live there? My income met the restrictions and the other affordable apartments were unsafe and, dirty. I am also a tax payer as well and I had to make at least 3 times my rent so I was not getting assistance. Affordable housing is not the same as low income. The property owner gets a tax break if they over these apartments at a lower cost and I am sorry that my income did not allow me to rent an apartment that costs more than I make in a month but there, are not enough affordable housing for those who work moderate to slightly lower paying jobs yet you feel the need to think we deserve to live someplace unsafe and dirty.